e.l.f. Fake Eyelashes Review

Well I finally took the plunge. I tried false eyelashes. Despite loving cosmetics of all kinds, I’ve never been tempted to wear falsies. But I was at my local Target and a big $1 sign was staring me right in the face. $1 for e.l.f. Individual Fake Lashes. How could I not?



Although e.l.f. also sells full sets of eyelashes, I knew I wanted to go with individual lashes. I’ve read lots of posts about falsies and most people recommend cutting apart the full sets anyway, so might as well go with the pre-cut set.



Directions are pretty straightforward. A set of four or five individual lashes are clumped together. You remove them from the tray, apply a dot of glue, wait about 10 seconds so that the glue gets a little tacky and less liquid-y, then apply to the base of the lash.



Everything was easy until I had to actually apply the lash to my face. They’re really small and sort of hard to get a good grip on. But I was able to place two on each upper eyelid, on the outer corners. I stuck them where I wanted them, waited a couple seconds, then pressed down on them to adhere them to the lid. They didn’t come off or move as I expected them to. I had a couple false starts where I didn’t get the lash quite in the right spot and I was able to move the lashes before they adhered too stubbornly.



You can see the longer lashes on the outer edges of each eye.



I probably should have trimmed them a bit, but that occurred to me later. They’re definitely longer than my natural lashes. I guess it depends on what look you want–longer lashes or thicker lashes or both. ┬áNext step was to apply eye makeup and see if they actually stayed. They did.



I applied e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner in black (review forthcoming) and Benefit They’re Real! Mascara and the lashes stayed completely put. Color me surprised–I really thought they’d pull off with the first swipe of mascara. No way. They were solidly affixed and didn’t move at all.



It appeared to me that these lashes stayed on all day without budging. But when I went to take them off, I found that I was actually missing one set. So who knows–maybe it fell down my face when I was at Crate and Barrel, picking out an immersion blender, and the sale staff were too kind to say, “uhhh, your face is falling apart…right in front of us…” But there are 18 lash clumps in the set so I wasn’t too devastated. Speaking of removing the lashes…all I did was apply my trusty Klorane eye makeup remover to a cotton ball and gently swiped it across my eyes twice, and the clump came right out. I put them aside and finished washing my face. Then I soaked them in the Klorane, rinsed them, and stuck them back in the tray. Easy, easy.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this product for special occasions (you won’t find me applying false eyelashes on a daily basis–it’s not necessary for trips to the grocery store). Pretty easy to use, and that price? I mean, it’s worth the risk. False eyelashes do take some practice, patience, and a steady hand. Don’t let that discourage you.

Anyone out there a false eyelash enthusiast?

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I’ve always wanted to try them! I’ll have to do it now.