FC Review: Julep Beach Tonic & Texture Spray

I think it’s been made fairly clear that us gals here at Fullclutch.com are fans of Julep. (And if you missed Beth’s 4th of July nail post on We Heart Nail Art, check out the fun look she created with glittery Julep polishes!) Part of the fun of being a Julep Maven is opting to get their polish or product boxes every month. This months box featured two products from their “California Coast” collection:

Julep Tonic and Texture Spray

The Beach Tonic is a dry oil in spray form. I’m gong to approach the bad first, then move on to the good. And there is only one negative I have about this product, and that is application. The instructions say to spray on to damp skin, then massage in. That’s fine, but I’m not quite sure why any oil would be put into spray form, unless you’re cooking with it. The spray does get on your skin, but the cloud of spray also falls to the ground. This can make for a slippery tub or floor, or an oil slick on counters and sinks. I prefer to just get some oil in my hands, emulsify, and apply, like you would with Bio-Oil. So, that’s what I recommend with this product. Spray into your hand, emulsify, and apply.

Other than than that, this is a great dry oil. It’s light, and a little goes a long way. In fact, if you use too much, your skin feels oily, so just a couple spritzes per limb will suffice. The scent is perfect for summer, a light floral and citrus mix. It is comprised of cottonseed and sunflower oils, and is free of parabens and sulfates. And the scent pairs perfectly with the following product…

The Sea Salt Texture Spray is a texturizer that will work on both straight and curly hair. You can definitely feel the product in your hair, but it doesn’t get crunchy or sticky. It just feels like there’s added weight to your hair, with just a bit of tackiness. This is a great product for refreshing curls, or even adding texture prior to a pony tail, bun, or other up-do. The scent is reminiscent of “ocean” scented candles, but only slightly. I’m not a fan of “ocean”, or “water” scented product, but this spray cuts in a bit of floral that makes it light and refreshing.

Both of these products get a thumbs up from me, but the price might be a sticking point.  What do you think? Have any products to recommend for less that might make good replacements?

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