Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review


For a couple months now, I’ve been noting in my eye makeup tutorials that I use Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – $23. I first purchased this brand in April. A young woman at Sephora was helping me out with some eyeliner and I looked at her eyes and said, “Oh, what mascara do you use?” She went all wild-eyed and yelled, “They’re REAL!” I had no idea how to respond. “Ummm, I believe you?” I’d not heard of Benefit’s most popular mascara–They’re Real! As in, my eyelashes may look fake because they’re so thick and long and full, but they’re real! After we cleared up the misunderstanding, I bought a tube to try out.


This is an excellent mascara. The formula is really thin and slick, so there are few clumps and clots. The brush is unlike any other mascara I’ve seen–it’s some kind of silicone or plastic material, instead of the fuzzy, mess-inducing brushes you typically see. The result is that it’s easier to work with. Lashes separate better and I’ve found that I’m less likely to get mascara flakes or errant lashes in my eyes. And, it definitely makes lashes full and thick, as you can see in the photos above.

I do have one beef. Probably because the formula is so fine, it tends to run. I’m susceptible to this anyway–I blink a lot and so I always have to watch for grey smudges at the corners of my eyes. This was especially true in this case, mainly if I use the mascara on the bottom lashes. So I’ve been using a waterproof mascara on the bottom, or nothing at all, and that helps a lot.


The nice ladies at Sephora said they can’t keep this mascara in stock. Anyone else out there use Benefit They’re Real! Mascara?

One Response to “Benefit They’re Real Mascara Review”
  1. kelly says:

    I have used this mascara off and on since it came out for the same reasons as your positive reviews above. However, I actually just returned my current tube of it (Thank you Sephora!) because it smudges and is super hard to get off (raccoon eyes the next day no matter what I try). I may have gotten a dud, because it started being super flaky and hard to put on after 3 uses. Even if it was a dud, I just don’t think I can deal with the smudges no matter how great it makes my eyelashes look.

    Current mascara favs: Josie Maran, Dior.