FC Review: Supergoop! CC Cream

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream with Broad Spectrum 35 SPF – $32

If you’v never used a product from Supergoop! you’re probably at least familiar with the name. It’s a catchy one! The company’s founder and CEO created Supergoop! after a friend in his late 20’s was diagnosed with melanoma. I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to start a skincare company if you’re passionate about it. Skincare for children is also a big priority in the company, with the thought that adults taking care of their skin, including preventative measures for cancer, will provide a good example for kids.

I received a sample of Supergoop!’s CC Cream in the June Blush.com mystery box. My first thought was, ANOTHER double letter cream. But I was pleased that this particular CC Cream has an SPF factor of 35, so decided to give it a try rather than relegating it to the bathroom drawer in which cosmetics samples live out a dark existence until they expire.

Supergoop applied and blended

Looks light on the skin, but blends in well

Supergoop! uses zinc oxide as one of the sunscreens in this product. If you’ve ever used a product with zinc oxide, you know that it creates a ghostly pallor across you skin, unless you’re using the 80’s blue zinc oxide. When first applying this product, it looked pretty darn pale on my fairly light complexion (I used the light/medium shade). But as I massaged it into my skin, it blended well, and ended up making my skin look pretty darn good.  One of the benefits touted on the Supergoop! website is that this cream softens fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.  I actually did notice a bit of that.

Directly after application the product felt slightly tacky to the touch, but after a minute or two it transformed into a velvety soft, matte finish. I don’t think this product will work for my dry winter skin, but for my summer skin that sees a bit more shine, this product is just about perfect.

Normal retail on this cream is $32. That’s a fairly typical price for a BB or CC cream from an independent company. If you’re curious, I’d recommend it.  Nordstrom sell’s this product, so if you have a local Nordstrom and you pop in for the Anniversary Sale, check with the cosmetics counter to see if they have a sample tube you can test out.

Have you used Supergoop! CC Cream? Did it work for your skin? Share your experience in the comments!

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