FC Review: e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick


Just a couple weeks ago I reviewed e.l.f. fake eyelashes. I’m here with another e.l.f. product review, this time for e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick – $3. When I bought this product I really just wanted the creamy eyeliner, which didn’t come separate from the shadow. But since it came as a package deal, I decided to try out both. One end of the stick is the self-sharpening liner, and the other is a cream shadow.


You can see in the image above the shadow at left, which is a silver (“smoke”) color, and the liner at right, which is black. Other color combinations available are green/moss, plum/purple, and midnight/blue. The shadow part of the stick is not really meant to be a shadow in its own right, at least that was my realization after using it a couple times. It works best if you apply the shadow close to the lashes, and blend onto the eyelid so that the color gradually dissipates but doesn’t go too far up. Then apply the liner close to the lashes. The shadow simply creates a blended effect–in fact, it’s hard to see the liner separate from the shadow. Looking at the other colors, all the shadow/liner combos are very similar in shade so you’re not going to see a big contrast between the liner and shadow.


I like the liner, which I’ve worn separately from the shadow. It’s super creamy and easy to apply. Also easy to blend, which I did in order to get as much color as possible as close to the lashes as possible. The shadow is…not good. It looks fine for the first half hour but it creases very quickly (and reliably), even when using an eyelid primer. But at $3, it’s not like you’re paying a lot extra for that shadow, so you can buy the stick and just use the liner. If you like creamy eye liners in the style of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, this is a good, cheaper option for you.

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