ASOS Up to 30% Off Beauty Products Sale

ASOS consistently has some of the best sales in retail. They have sales often, they include high-end merchandise in their sales, and they take a significant discount off these items. Typically there are a wide range of sizes available, including petites and plus, and some of my favorite pieces have come from ASOS purchases. Today for 24 hours only, they’re offering up to 30% off many of their beauty products, both high and low end. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the website–for instance, at the moment I can’t sort by brand, and I also can’t see any of the NARS items that are on sale. But tech issues aside, there are some real steals in this sale. Here are some of our picks below:


Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler – $22.91 ($25.46); Tweezerman Scissors & Brush Duo – $30.55 ($33.94)


Okay, not a wild discount, but Tweezerman products are a staple for the beauty-obsessed woman. They make a great eyelash curler (at left), and whether or not you purchase this particular set of eyebrow brush and scissors (at right), these tools are imperative for maintaining shapely, neat eyebrows.


Hersheson Professional Tourmaline Waving Tong – $130.67 ($186.67); Hersheson Tourmaline Waving Wand – $130.67 ($186.67)


Tourmaline was (and maybe still is) all the rage when it comes to heat styling for hair. (See Sarah’s write-up from last year here.) These curling tools from Hersheson are both coated in tourmaline and have two different uses. The “waving tong” is your basic curling iron with a fancier name. The “waving wand” is a newer tool, however, that allows you to create looser, less structured waves by wrapping hair around the barrel and holding it in place with your hand. Let go after a couple seconds and you have “beachy waves.”


Lord & Berry ASOS Exclusive Delicious Fun Make-Up Set – $30.55 ($44.12)


Whenever there are cosmetics sales, I like to buy makeup sets. It’s a good way to sample a brand you’re unfamiliar with, at relatively low risk. I’ve never used Lord & Berry but I love their packaging and this set looks really fun–black glitter eyeliner, vampy red lipstick, iridescent eye shadow. More Lord & Berry set deals are available here and here.


Nicky Clarke Tease Me Instant Backcombing – $19.52 ($24.61); Nicky Clarke Intensive Moisture Mask – $29.70 ($37.33); Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo – $16.97 ($22.06)


Anyone out there heard of Nicky Clarke? They make hair products with a hefty price tag. I’m intrigued by the Instant Backcombing product (at left) which appears to add volume and texture to the roots without the damage done by teasing and backcombing. I might have to try this out myself–it sounds too good to be true. NC also offers a moisturizing mask for damaged hair (middle), and the volumizing shampoo (at right). All three products are nicely discounted


Anatomicals Nod Off & Let The World Sod Off Silk Sleep Mask – $7.64 ($11.03)


Know someone taking an international trip soon? This sleep mask would be such a great send-off gift so that your loved one can catch some shut eye on the plane. Or, if your partner likes to stay up late reading and the light from the lamp bothers you, buy yourself this cheap mask with the cheeky slogan.


POP Pouty Pop Crayon Kit – $21.21 ($30.55)


Crayons for adults! Lip balm pencils in self-sharpening form, in six different colors. Buy a kit and share it with a friend who has a different complexion than you–you can divvy up the colors based on what flatters your skin best.

Discounts are for 24 hours only! Standard shipping appears to be free (as do returns) but double-check before committing to buy!

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