Guilty Pleasures: Dolly Parton

Always a fan of the fabulous Dolly Parton, lately I’ve been starting my work day by listening to “9 to 5.”   It’s sort of ironic/ridiculous because I haven’t worked a 9 to 5 schedule in years.  But at 7am, in my pajamas, typing away at the laptop, I feel twice as productive–“stumble to the kitchen and pour myself a cup of ambition.”  There’s also an oddly compelling beat during each of the verses.  Little known fact, that sound is Dolly drumming her fake nails against a countertop.  Plus, I can fake-gallop around my living room during that part and it sounds just like hoof-beats.



My favorite Dolly songs are “Potential New Boyfriend,” “My Tennessee Mountain Home,” and “Why’d You Come In Here Lookin’ Like That.”  My top three Dolly movies are Steel Magnolias, Straight Talk, and, you got it, 9 to 5.

I hesitate to characterize Ms. Parton as a guilty pleasure because there’s nothing guilty about it to me.  I think she’s a gifted songwriter, savvy businesswoman, and amazing singer and actress.  Plus, you have to have straight up cojones to walk around with that size chest and not worry about tipping over.  But I know it’s easy to see her as a joke–big boobs, big hair, big lips, big nails.   So here she is…indulge.

Yes, I love me some Dolly.

One Response to “Guilty Pleasures: Dolly Parton”
  1. Amber D says:

    I can’t stop listening to 9 to 5! (Am I popping the comment cherry?) 😉