FC Review: Scratch Nail Wraps

Way back in April I wrote about a Kickstarter project full clutch had signed up to support–Scratch nail wraps. Though the projected date for mailing this product out to supporters was May, they weren’t able to get most of them out until this summer (this is pretty typical–it’s hard to predict production schedules as a start-up company). I got mine just this past weekend. Although we’ve shifted most of our nail polish/nail art posts over to sister site We Heart Nail Art (follow on FB here, Twitter here, and Pinterest here), I wanted to give a review of this product for readers who might remember that long ago post.


The wraps are easy to use. They come in the package (shown with the blue wraps) with plastic on front and back. Simply pull away the plastic, center on the nail, smooth the sticker down while pulling down to the edge of the nail. Then file away the excess sticker from the end of the nail. The packaging made it easy to measure on the nail what size to use (as you can see from the black and white wraps above), and I was really happy with the look of the Peter Pan collar style.


The problem I ran into was after the wrap was applied and I used a top coat on the nail (which Scratch advises you to do). The top coat seemed to eat away at the black of wrap. I had to go back in and apply black polish to the places where it ate through. The result is an uneven look, as you can see from my ring finger above (you can also see the wrap flaking away from the nail at the “neck” part of the wrap). I suspect that part of the problem is that I stretched the wrap a bit too thin on that nail, but it still seemed odd to me that the wrap would disintegrate under a top coat. I love the look of the Peter Pan collar so much, though, that I’m going to stick with it and try again. Perhaps a regular top coat of clear instead of a fast drying top coat would work better?

My other beef is that the second wrap I ordered ended up looking not quite as advertised. I ordered the Delphinium which was shown as this:


Very pretty shades of white and blue clustered flowers, in a romantic, vintage style. And here is what I got in the mail:


I mean, it’s not vastly different, but look at the two wraps on the right–can’t even tell what the design is supposed to resemble. And it’s clearly silver, black, and blue, not white and blue. So I’m disappointed about that–I wouldn’t have ordered this design if I knew what it really looked like. Fortunately for new buyers they’re showing it correctly on the website right now.

I think this company makes cute products and I’m glad I tried them out, despite the issues I experienced. For more photos of the Peter Pan Collar manicure, check out the We Heart Nail Art post on this here.

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