Target’s Fall Fashion Lineup

Well,  fall is being welcomed with open arms across the retail world. Heck, Nordstrom even had a huge sale in it’s honor already. I can’t blame them. Fall is an exciting time of year for clothing. Colors get richer, layers come back into play, and there’s just more clothing involved all around. After seeing the Target ad in my local Sunday paper (yes, I actually read a physical paper!) I decided to pop on over to my local Target and check out the goods for fall, then take some pics of the pieces that caught my eye (whether good or bad).

Mossimo® Women’s Palazzo Fashion Pants – $24.99

Mossimo comfort waist trouser

First off, one thing I noticed right away about  the clothing offering at Target for fall, especially when it comes to the clothing for the lower half of the body, is there is a lot of polyester, tapering, and elastic going on.  Did we learn nothing from the 90’s? I liked the color of the above pants, so thought I’d try them out. They weren’t as bad as anticipated. The elastic waistband is really thick, and doesn’t cut like some. The pants are billowy and baggy around the tummy and butt, but that’s part of the look. And the taper isn’t too extreme. One note about these pants, that polyester is NOT forgiving, you can see panty lines, lumps and bumps.


Xhilaration Blue Tuxedo Pants – $22.99 (find in store)

Xhilaration Blue Tuxedo Pants

Another interesting offering, and not a good cut for my body type. I’m curvier, and the more severe of a taper, the “hippier” I look. Plus these pants accentuate tummy and butt. They are from the Xhilaration line, which are cute for juniors. The whole idea of them just makes me think of silk pajama pants. Passing on these myself.


Xhilaration Juniors High Low Chiffon Top – $17.99

Xhilaration high-low top

Are you a fan of the high low trend? I go back and forth on it, but I like it much better on skirts and dresses than tops. There is an extreme low on this shirt. I like the sheer fabric, and it fits me well up top, but towards the bottom is where it starts to go wrong for me. Plus, I think sitting down on the tail of the shirt all day would constantly be pulling the entire garment back. That would annoy me. Another pass from this gal.


Mossimo Short Skirt – $22.99

Mossimo short skirt

This short skirt, well, knee length for my petite height, works better for my body. That wide elastic waistband doesn’t cut into my curves, and it’s light, airy, and comfortable. The small studs at the pockets add just a bit of rocker glam, but this skirt could easily be worked into office attire, or paired with tights, boot, and a sweater for a cute fall look.


Mossimo Sleeveless Dress with Faux Leather Trim – $27.99

Mossimo sleeveless dress with faux leather

The think I like most about this dress, aside from the sassy print and faux leather waistband, is that it’s actually cut well up top. In the past I’ve tried Target dresses on that fit my on my bottom half, but my top half is swimming in all the fabric. Not the case with this dress. There is a bit of extra gather around the zipper on the back of the dress, but this is a $28 dress from Target. It’s to be expected. Very comfortable and chic, I recommend this one.


Mossimo Woven Dress – $24.99 (find in store)

Mossimo Woven Dress

Finally, we have this fun little number from Mossimo. I just love the print of the fabric on this dress, and it’s very comfortable. Looks like in the picture of the back of the dress (and my body) the entire right side needs to be adjusted down. Either that, or I need to up my weight lifting on the left side of my body! Anyway, pair this one with black boots or booties for a great look for fall.

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