The Deconstructed Ponytail

A couple weeks ago I was surfing around on the Interwebs and I came across this list from Buzzfeed on variations on the simple ponytail. I love these round-ups of hairstyles–mainly because they all promise that they’re SUPER easy and anyone can pull them off by following a few steps. This is sometimes true, but usually not. Either way, I always believe it and think, yes! A new ‘do! And I’m always game to try it out. This time a “deconstructed ponytail”┬átutorial caught my eye. Here’s the picture:



Image from Wit & Delight

Really cute right? Pretty in an unfussy way. The directions have you tease hair near the crown of your scalp, then pull back a small section on top and pin, so that the top of your pony has volume. No problem. Then you pull the section of hair directly below it into a small ponytail at the nape of your neck, leaving a lot of hair free on either side of your head. Check. Then you braid those lose pieces of hair, two per side of your head, for a total of four braids. After each braid is complete, you sort of mess it up by rubbing your finger up and down the length of the braid, and pulling it apart so that it’s nice and loose. Okay, a little vague, but still on board. Then you “take the loose braid, drape it slightly around the side of your head, and wrap the end around the small ponytail at the nape of your neck.” Here’s where the wheels fell off for me. What exactly does it mean to drape it slightly around the side of my head? Like in a Princess Leia-style ┬ábun? It’s unclear from the wording, and from the pictures, which don’t show any draping at all, but instead show a suddenly magnificently piled section of hair. Oh frustration! Other readers voice similar struggles in the comments section. So I tried to emulate this ‘do anyway, and instead of draping, when I was done with each messy braid, I pulled it around the top of the pony, then under it, and continued wrapping it around the base of the pony and then pinned it underneath. I did this with each braid. The result:




Yeah, it looks nothing like the ponytail up-top. I mean, it’s interesting and it looks vaguely pretty, but it doesn’t have that effortless, messy look that the top pony achieves. It looks like a more complicated “hidden hair tie” ponytail. Here’s a side view and close-up (if only I had lighter hair, it would be easier to see the detail in the ‘do):




The other issue is that I ended up with seven or eight bobby pins, all in the small space below the ponytail, so that was uncomfortable. All in all, NOT a success. Oh well. On to the next ‘do!

Gotta hairstyle you’ve been looking at, but you’re not sure how to tackle it? Let us know–we’ll try out it, take pictures, and report back!

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