FC Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20

MST 3Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 in Glow – $34

So first things first, I can not attest to the fact that there is anything “miraculous” about this skin moisturizer, because I’ve only used it a few times. There are claimed immediate benefits to the creme, which honestly feels and applies like BB or CC creme, but as far as any long term benefits for skin, I can’t yet say.

And let’s talk about some of those benefits. Here are some of the key ingredients and their benefits:

– Caffeine-encapsulated microspheres: Target uneven skin and cellulite, leaving smoother, firmer texture and tone.
– Blue-green algae smooths the skin naturally, with high levels of vitamin B and amino acids.
– Soy amino acids, wheat proteins, hyaluronic acid and glutamine peptides, prevent dull, flaky, dehydrated skin.
– Chamomile extract acts as an anti-inflammatory with lush calming properties.
– UVA/UBA SPF20 to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

Sparkle Chest

You can pick up a few sparkles on my neck

The first thing I noticed when applying this product is how dry it is. There is no greasiness whatsoever, and it finishes very matte, like a lot of BB cremes. That’s fine if you live in a humid climate, but this high dessert girl needs a little more moisture. I have to admit though, my skin didn’t look dry, or feel tight. It just felt very dry to the touch. If you like feeling the moisturizing effects of your favorite lotion on your skin, don’t expect that from this product. It’s recommended to apply to dry skin, as the bronzing color is meant to tint your skin, and you wouldn’t want streaks, but I’m sure with ample time between lotion and creme application, you should be good (I’ve not tested this myself though!).

Which brings us to the tanning factor…

Sparkle leg

A second layer to MST applied to my leg

This doesn’t work like a tanning lotion, it won’t mess with the chemical balance in your skin. But it does tint your skin. I noticed this the most on my untanned belly, it was harder to see on my already tan arms, legs, and chest. But it does add a lovely glow (which is the name of the shade I used), and lots of subtle sparkle. It’s harder to pick up on the sparkle indoors, but you can really see it in the sunshine. After the product dried completely (takes a few minutes!), I didn’t notice it rubbing off on clothes, or anything I brushed against.

This product would be great to use during the winter (if your winter skin can handle the dry finish) when you want some glow. Traveling to a warm weather destination and want some color, but don’t want the skin damage that can accompany tanning? This product can give you that color, and also provides SPF to protect your winter skin from the sun.

Sparkle hand

Wash those hands after application!

One of the benefits listed by the manufacturer is smoother and firmer texture and tone to skin. Does this mean that your cellulite will magically melt away under the influences of Miracle Skin Transformer? I wish! But as we all know, the darker skin is that covers fat, the less pronounced ripples and dimples are. They’re still there, but for some reason a tan can make cellulite just look better.

Tan thigh

The right side has MST applied to it.

If you’re looking for a product that will provide some color, but isn’t an actual tanning lotion, give this product a try. It doesn’t smell like much, just a little plasticky, somewhat similar to non-scented sunblock (which I guess it kind of is). It seems to wear all day, but you can easily apply more for a mid-day refresher. “Wait, does she look tanner to you?”

Have you used Miracle Skin Transformer Body in either the sheer, glow, or bronze? How was your experience? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. kelly says:

    I would give it a try!