Spendy vs. Smart: Trends for Less

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We’re excited to bring you a new feature today, which is exactly what it sounds like. We pick several items that are on-trend for the current or coming season, and we find cheaper (but no less fabulous) versions of their expensive counterparts. Enjoy these picks (and let us know if there’s a particular item you’d love for us to find for you).


Seersucker Blazer


At left, the Forever 21 Essential Seersucker Blazer – $29.80. At right the Marc by Marc Jacobs Seersucker Jersey Blazer – $154.80. Big price differential on a fairly similar blazer. The stripes are the biggest difference here, with the Forever 21 item having thicker, more dramatic lines. But if you don’t mind that, these blazers are otherwise identical–front pockets, long sleeves, similar tailoring.


Black & White Cardigan


How excited is everyone that H & M is finally, finally, FINALLY selling items online? It’s about time. Check out this fabulous H & M Cotton Cardigan – $34.95 in a black and white geometric print. At right the Missoni Patterned Cardigan – $502.20. Holy Hannah that’s a lot of dough. The two differences here are the patterns, and the fit. The H & M features a boxier cut, which is actually a huge trend for this coming season, while the Missoni has a figure-hugging fit.


Floral Pencil Skirt


My favorite find in this post is the Bisou Bisou High-Low Pencil Skirt – $14.99 ($20) from JCPenney. Stunning, stunning, stunning. This item looks much more expensive that it actually is–check out those vivid colors and exceptional design. Or you could splurge on the Nicholas Digi Floral Denim Skirt – $168 which I personally find much less appealing. Here’s a plus size version from Mossimo in black instead of white.


Green Patterned Wrap Dress


The wrap dress is hailed as being universally flattering, and easy to style. Add a necklace and some fun shoes, and voila. You’re stylin’. At left, the Old Navy Long-Sleeved Wrap Dresses – $27.50 ($32.94) comes in a variety of colors, but I especially love this version in this year’s Pantone color. The more expensive version is Michael Kors Paisley Print Faux Wrap Dress – $80.40 which, again, I don’t like as much as the Old Navy version. For a plus size green patterned dress, (though not a wrap) check out this gem, also from Old Navy.


Plaid Boat Shoes


Finally, boat shoes! Yes, summer is coming to an end, but boat shoes can get you through the fall, provided it doesn’t start snowing in October wherever you’re living. Payless offers the Dexter Gally Boat Moc – $19.99 ($29.99) which is a near spitting image of the Sperry Top-Sider Plaid Bahama Boat Shoe – $60. Only difference is the laces.

Happy shopping!

2 Responses to “Spendy vs. Smart: Trends for Less”
  1. laaroux says:

    I love this concept! I’m looking for some slim leg corduroy pants that fit really well but don’t cost a fortune. I want the leg to be loose enough to wear to work but also slim enough to wear nicely under some boots. Help!!

    • Beth says:

      I’m on it! We’ll do another Spendy vs Smart within a week or two and definitely include the pants you’re looking for. :)