Links We Love – 8/30/13

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Follow the link that Jane at Sea Of Shoes provides to an article at Haper’s Bazar that lists exactly how a day in the life of Valentino rolls out. From his breakfast and bathing routine to the hour long ritual of getting dressed, this man seems very particular about how his day unfolds. But hey, we’re all creatures of habit. If only we all had the income that afforded us the opportunity to slip into Jimmy Choo slippers for dinner.

It’s a golden retriever. Puppy. In a life jacket. On a boat. You’re welcome.


Sydne Style wears a beautiful aubergine dress with a drop-waist (new trend thanks to The Great Gatsby film). Love the accessories, too.

Undergarments are expensive, right? Make your underwear and bras last longer by treating them with a little TLC. Frantic But Fabulous recommends these steps.


Who wants to build me a treehouse? I’m dead serious. Any of these will do.

Sally from Already Pretty introduces us to plus size designer Anna Scholz. Check out these pictures–fierce!

Into the Gloss gives us a list of the top stylists we should all be following on Instagram.

Still want to wear white after this upcoming Monday? Vogue shows us how to do it. But really, if you want to wear white, wear white! You’ve only got this one, crazy life.

If you’ve ever worked a day in your life, which you likely have, then happy Labor Day to you! Enjoy the weekend!

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