FC Review: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Sunscreen


Another review from the CEW Prestige Birchbox. On the docket for today is Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE Triple Defense Shield Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 – $79. A hefty price tag for sunscreen, so the sample I got in the box was quite small, but enough for about two weeks of once-daily application to the face. Here are the claims from this product:

  • Weightless SPF 50 provides broad-spectrum protection from the sun, while a task force of antioxidants defends your complexion against free radicals that can accelerate aging.
  • The two major players, idebenone and thiotane, work to repair existing skin damage (yes, including wrinkles) and prevent future harm.
  • Thiotane also contributes fatty acids that improve cell health and functioning.

The problem with reviewing skincare products that claim to “improve cell health” and “prevent future harm” is that there’s no way on Earth to tell if these claims are true. Even claims about repairing skin damage are hard to evaluate because you’d need a drastic change to tell, or a dermatologist’s eye. So I have no information about whether any of these claims are true. I can tell you that I liked this product a lot, just based on how it felt on my face–it absorbed quickly, it never felt greasy or heavy. It protected me from the sun (SPF 50, that’s the real deal)–no new freckles after coming in from outside. And, although I’m usually very sensitive to fragrance (really, products you put on your face should be fragrance-free across the board), this one didn’t bother me. Slightly citrusy, not chemical.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this product because $79 is just too much money to pay when you’re unable to tell if most of the claims are true. (Check out Beautypedia for a scientific evaluation of this product’s claims.) There are a lot of good sunscreens out there for a fraction of the price, and since we spend so much money on beauty products anyway, it’s just good sense to take advantage of cheaper products when we can find them.

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