FC Review: Olay Pro-X Spot Fading Treatment

1This past spring and summer I’ve been on some pretty gnarly medications, all of which are high in various hormones. Besides the other yucky side effects (bloating, crabbiness, fatigue), imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror one morning and noticed what appeared to be a Hitler mustache on my face. What. The. F@$#. Sprinting over to my computer, I Googled the medications I was on and found that a side effect of many high-hormone meds is patches of hyperpigmentation on the face, i.e., places where hidden sun damage or excess melanin rise to the surface to become visible as dark marks. SUPER. Plus, exposure to sun maximizes this pigmentation, and while I wear sunscreen everyday, I often walk my dogs early in the morning before applying my daily, after-shower sunscreen. So…fail.

It seemed very lucky, then, that when my CEW Mass Appeal Birchbox arrived, there was a product specifically designed to treat dark spots on the face–Olay Professional Pro-X Even Skin Tone Spot Fading Treatment. Score! Directions were easy–simply apply twice daily to the affected area, and be sure to wear sunscreen at all times. I did both for about three weeks…and no results. No fading at all, no shrinkage of the affected area. I was so bummed. I went online and checked out other reviews and they are very mixed. People either praise this product as a miracle worker or trash it as completely ineffective. I suppose it’s possible that it works differently on different people, but I wonder if those who thought the product worked well were actually just experiencing the natural fading of the pigmentation. This is the one piece of good news–such marks eventually go away on their own. Anyway, I can’t recommend this product, it really had zero effect on my face, though I’m glad I was able to try a sample of this before committing to buy the larger, much more expensive size. In a few weeks, I’ll share my makeup-based solution to hiding the hyperpigmentation on my face.

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