FC Review: Not Your Mothers She’s a Tease Hairspray

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A month ago, I reviewed¬†Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, which I love and continue to use every week. I mentioned that I chose this brand because I’d used the hairspray: She’s a Tease Volumizing Hairspray – $5.99. Today I’m bringing you a review of this product.

First up, this product is intended to create volume that lasts. So I use it after I’ve backcombed the underside of the hair on the top of my head. I lightly spritz the teased hair with the hairspray, wait about 20 seconds for it to dry, then smooth the hair down and lightly run a brush over the top to get rid of any bumps or snarls. The hairspray is now holding up the volume I’ve created on top of my head. Here’s a quick video on adding volume by using hairspray:

I don’t recommend using Not Your Mothers to spray a final hairdo into place. It’s not that it can’t work, but it’s just not intended to create a finished, smooth look.

The product works great. Volume lasts for hours. There is one caveat, though. The smell. It smells like cat litter. If you’ve ever had a cat or house-sat for someone with a cat, you know the particular smell I’m talking about. Cat urine is a strong and unpleasant smell, so companies make litter with a very potent scent to cover up that smell. Sickly sweet, soapy, chemically, and fakely fruity. Of the 10 comments on Ulta’s website, 8 mention how terrible the smell is. Unfortunately, the smell also lingers for several hours after use (and when I wash my hair the next day I can smell it again). It’s such a bummer because the product itself works so well. I’ve taken to using the hairspray only for occasions where I really need my hair to go the distance–weddings, special events, long days where I’ll be out and about seeing lots of people, etc. Otherwise I settle for regular old hairspray that doesn’t work nearly as well…but also doesn’t have such an offensive smell.

If you’re curious about this product I recommend going to Ulta and spraying a bit of the sample bottle on a tissue. See if you can stand the scent, and then commit to buying (or not).

One Response to “FC Review: Not Your Mothers She’s a Tease Hairspray”
  1. Sarah says:

    Oh man, cat litter is a deal breaker for me. I once used a product at a friends house, I don’t know if it was old or what, but it literally smelled like meat. I’m not down with my hair smelling like meat, or cat litter for that matter!