Fall Reductions from Banana Republic

Interesting that fall reductions are already upon us, when technically, it’s still summer! Only for a few more days now, but still. Banana Republic is no exception. They have some pretty fun pieces in their sale section right now. And while still expensive, if a discount code rolls around soon that applies to sale items, which one likely will, then prices drop into a rang that many of us ladies can consider. It’s also a great way to get some holiday shopping under your belt.

Here are a few pieces to keep your eye on for further reductions via sale codes. Update: Use code BRFALLSALE to take 40% off all sale items! Discount NOT reflected in prices shown below. Shop on!


Graphic Print Pleated Top – $49.99 ($74.50)

Graphic Print Pleated Top

What a GREAT print on this top. It’s lightweight, just polyester, but can easily be layered in cooler weather. You could even layer a v-neck sweater over it, since the v on the shirt doesn’t dip super low. Also available in navy, which will give you a better view of the collar if you click in to BR to check it out.


Anna Cardigan – $49.99 ($59.50)

Anna Cardigan

Well, it’s that time of year that I can readdress my cardigan addiction. Here’s a soft and comfy option, in many colors. Sizes are getting scattered. And be warned, I don’t think those sleeves are full length.


Camille Printed Knit Dress – $79.99 ($98)

Camille Printed Knit Dress

A basic dress in a houndstooth-like pattern that just screams fall. You can keep it conservative, or give it a big style push by adding bright pops of color. You can even pair an animal print if the colors are neutral enough.


Heritage Zebra Skinny Ankle Zip Jean – $59.99 ($89.50)

Heritage Zebra Skinny Ankle Zip Jean

If you’ve been toying with trying animal prints on a piece larger than shoes or a handbag, these pants might ease you into it without shouting to the world that YOU’RE WEARING ANIMAL PRINT!


Alice Printed Top – $29.99 ($39.50)

Alice Printed Top

Here’s a cute one for layering, plus it will still see use once warm weather comes back around. It will look best with a strapless bra, so if you have an aversion to strapless (like me), this might not be your top. BUT, if you just plan to layer it, those straps won’t show regardless.


Sabrina Full Skirt – $69.99 ($79.50)

Sabrina Full Skirt

Pretty much nothing but rave reviews on the Sabrina skirt. It’s available in three colors, including the Citron Green shown above.  If you want to make sure those pleats don’t emphasize your curves too much, order a size up. Very girly.


Rib-Knit Pullover – $59.99 ($69.50)

Rib Knit Pullover

With 25% wool, this pullover is a good one for extra cool days. It’s styling lends it to pair well with jeans, but you can even wear it with a skirt like the Sabrina skirt above and some boots. Also available in green.


Pearl Glimmer Necklace – $34.99 ($39.50)

Pearl Glimmer Necklace

Available in Cream, Grey, or Champagne, and here’s a necklace that will add a bit to classic glamour to many an outfit, whether casual or dressy.


Colorful Stone Stretch Bracelet – $19.99 ($25)

Colorful Stone Stretch Bracelet

Add color and shine easily with a bracelet like this one.


WARNING: Rugby Stripe Top – $29.99 ($39.50)

Rugby Stripe Top

Well, I was going to recommend this cute top, but after reading reviews I decided to give everyone fair warning. Seems like either the photographed product was not the same as the manufactured one, or there was a mix up at the warehouse. Whatever the case, you might not end up with what you thought you ordered.

Happy Shopping!

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