One of the blogs I follow is Makeup By Tiffany D. She does a lot of makeup tutorials, plus writes up reviews of products and gives tips and tricks for application. She also posts style and lifestyle topics from time to time. Her makeup is flawless and I love watching how she achieves her looks. Also…she has the closet of my dreams (where she films all her tutorials), like the actual physical space is amazing. All of her shoes and dresses and purses are in one huge walk-in closet, unlike my wardrobe, which is spread among three different rooms and is always in various states of disarray.

Anyway, she recently posted a tutorial using the LORAC PRO Palette. I was smitten. So I ran right out to Sephora (my local Ulta didn’t have it but yours may) and scooped it up.


Sixteen shades of eye shadow from across the color spectrum–half are matte, the other half are shimmer. I think this palette is made for fall, but I could wear these colors all year round (heavier colors for fall and winter; lighter colors for spring and summer). The palette also comes with a small tube of LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. The palette itself is super slim and light–it’d be great for travel. Thus far, I’m totally digging this purchase. The shadows are highly pigmented and when paired with the primer, they don’t budge. I’ll be posting some tutorials of my own in the coming weeks, but I wanted to give you makeup lovers a heads up on a great product. Oh, the price–it retails for $42. This is a steal for sixteen shadows plus a primer!

2 Responses to “LORAC PRO Palette”
  1. Sarah says:

    That’s a great palette, I love the colors! A few months back I picked up a shadow palette with the same color scheme going on, but only 12 shades, by Pati Dubroff. I got it at Costco for about $20, and it’s my go to now. Such great colors for creating natural OR dramatic looks. Good get Beth!

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m a sucker for fall palettes! This one looks awesome. Thanks!