People Magazine’s Top 5 Trends of 2013

This past weekend I was perusing People Magazine, which had a large section on style. One of the stories was on the “Top 5 Trends of 2013”. I was surprised by their round-up, as many of the items listed didn’t strike me as truly trends that the public at large embraced. Trends are most interesting to me when diverse groups embrace them, regardless of body type, style aesthetic, or economic class. The fun of a trend is seeing how different people incorporate it into their own style. It’s much less interesting to see only celebrities or only people with gobs of money embracing a specific look–how trendy can it be if only a small group of people wear it? What do you think of this list?


1. White Pumps


I saw some white pumps this year but only on celebrities (and maybe one or two bloggers), never on regular people. I don’t think we can reasonably call a particular shoe a trend if only people who appear in the public eye are wearing them.


2. Crop Tops


I saw a handful of teens and young twenty-somethings wearing crop tops¬†this summer,¬†especially at outdoor festivals. Was anyone over the age of 22 wearing these tops? No. I guess it’s still a trend if only a five-year age span is wearing it, but that seems really limited to me. Also, People notes that those who wear these tops are able to because of “Pilates classes” and “[juice] cleanses.” If those are the rules for wearing these tops, then it’s not exactly a mass-appeal trend.


3. Ear Cuffs


This one I agree with, and I even wrote about it earlier this year. Lots of ear cuffs, in all different looks–classic gems, edgy spikes, floral designs–are appearing on the ears of public figures and the general population alike.


4. Pointy Nails


Photo courtesy HeyNiceNails

I would agree with this one, too. Pointy nails (also called stiletto nails) made an appearance this year, along with the burgeoning nail art trend. I have to say I never saw this trend in person, though. Only on famous people, and photos from nail bloggers.


5. Saint Laurent Classic Duffle


Different versions of this bag retail between $1,250$2,650. What the hell is People smoking? It’s not a trend if NO ONE except Gwyneth Paltrow can afford it!


If I had to pick the trends of 2013 I’d say (faux or real) leather (pants, skirts, accents), loafers or boat shoes, blazers (not a new trend, but one that’s not slowing down in 2013), chunky metallic jewelry, pairing patterns (polka dot pants with a floral top), rompers (God help us), and lace detail. What are your picks for trends of 2013?

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