Links We Love 09/27/13

Brazilian designer designer Andre Levy “paints coins collected from his travels and turns them into tiny little treasures.” This is your chance to see Marge Simpson, a Smurf, and Luigi from Mario Brothers immortalized on a coin.


These DIY pants are unexpectedly fabulous–black jeans patched with blue denim. Who knew they’d look so cool?

My husband thinks my love of animated movies is bizarre. I respectfully disagree, and to prove I’m not alone, check out the jewelry, clothing, and shoes adorned with themes from children’s movies here.

London Fashion Week looks amazing–costume period pieces paired with modern and futuristic pieces…and a funeral?

And speaking of Fashion Week, french blogger Garance Doré, along with a beautiful illustration, gives us a funny and insightful glimpse at the Fashion Week Monster.

Love this darling DIY clay bowl with cut-out hearts from Attic Lace:


Wide-leg jeans, white billowy top, cognac-colored shoes and bag add up to an effortless ensemble by Kendi Everyday.

Another favorite from Seersucker and Saddles is leopard print loafers, casual jeans, spring green blazer, and a plaid shirt layered under a navy sweater.

Check out this write-up on the makeup look for fall, courtesy of Beauty Banter.

Sunday is National Coffee Day, and in honor of that fact Sous Style wrote up a fun little list of TV Shows and Movies where coffee played a starring part.

Have a happy, caffeinated weekend!

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