In Praise of Velcro Rollers

One of the mainstays of my hair routine is velcro rollers. If you’re not familiar with these, they come in a variety of sizes and have a prickly texture on the outside, like the rough edge of velcro. I love these rollers because they’re so much easier to use than hot rollers, which I’ve never had much success with. Velcro rollers grab the hairs on your head so they stay in place better. You don’t have to wait for them to heat up, and they’re much easier (and lighter) to travel with.



The effect with velcro rollers is probably less defined than with hot rollers. That is, velcro rollers give your hair body, volume, and wave, but they probably won’t give you curls the way small hot rollers will. I put velcro rollers in my hair immediately after blow-drying. My hair is still warm, and sometimes still a bit damp (I’m lazy at getting it completely dry), but rollers still work well. First I start by setting the hair in the center of my head. I start with the hair up front, roll it back in a roller, and pin it in place with a bobby pin. Then I take the hair behind it and do the same, all the way down the directly middle of my head until I have a roller mohawk.



Then I take the hair on the sides and roll them up, too. Don’t worry about getting perfect rolls–you can see in the photo above, some of the shorter hairs are sticking out or even falling off the side of the roller. Your hair will still turn out well even with some imperfect rolling. Err on the side of putting less hair in the roller–it will wave better, and keep its shape better.



Here’s a close-up of the top of my head after wrapping all of it in rollers. I use mainly big rollers because I have long hair, but rollers come in all different sizes so you can use them even if you have pretty short hair. Just use the smaller ones that will allow you to wrap your hair all the way around them. I let the rollers sit for as long as I have time. At least 15 minutes, and sometimes as long as an hour if I’m working at home or getting ready for a night out. You can still go about your business with rollers in your hair–just don’t try to lie down or rest your head on anything. Not comfortable. Sometimes I spray lightly with hairspray to increase the duration of hold.



And here’s the finished ‘do. Got some volume, got some wave. I’ve also found that hair that’s been roller-ed has a much longer shelf life. Even if you end up putting your hair in a ponytail or a French twist or a bun, it will look better, longer. Anyone else use velcro rollers?

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