Whimsical Eyelashes from Fab

Fab.com has to be the best online window shopping out there. I got an email this week for Halloween-themed items and I opened it up this morning to find these delightfully bizarre false eyelashes, perfect for costumes or any day of the week that you’re feeling campy. Check out my faves from the selection:


Red Hearts Lashes – $19


These lashes would be great for an Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts costume, right? They’d also be fun to wear around Valentine’s Day. Looks like these apply like regular falsies. Most false eyelashes are reusable so these wouldn’t be a one-time thing.


English Garden Lashes – $19 ($22)


Check out these wild lashes. My absolute favorite of the bunch. It looks like you can apply them as they are, in one long strip as shown above…


Or you can cut them apart to make them more like an accent eyelash, like in the photo above. I LOVE this. It’s so strange and fun. If you’re not much of a costume person but you find yourself going to costume parties, why not put on a crazy face full of bright makeup and add these lashes as the piece de resistance? Definitely a great conversation starter.


Silver Stars Lashes – $19


Like the red hearts lashes, these are more standard fare. These would be great for a rockstar look. Wear a bunch of black leather and heavy eyeliner, and top it off with these sparklers.


Or, you know, wear them to work on a Tuesday and see what your co-workers say.


Under the Sea Lashes – $17 ($19)


Another fun set of crazy lashes. These Under the Sea lashes would be perfect for any ocean/sea/nautical themed costume.


Here they’ve really piled on the lashes–looks like they used 1 1/4 sets. I’m not sure how comfortable this would be to wear for a full evening, but this look really embodies what I love about makeup–the fantasy, the transformation, the whimsy!

Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet?

One Response to “Whimsical Eyelashes from Fab”
  1. Sarah says:

    Purchased the Under The Sea lashes for my “Coral Reef” costume this year. Thanks for finding those Beth!