Friends & Family Sale at Land’s End Canvas

The sale isn’t only at Lands’ End Canvas, anything at Lands’ End is up for grabs too, but Canvas tends to lean a bit… trendier. Less mom jean, more modern jean. But Land’s End has some great pieces in it’s own right. For the purposes of our picks from the sale today though, we’re sticking with Canvas. And what is the sale? 30% off everything with code GRAND and pin 2055. This even applies to markdowns, and this makes some fall basics VERY cheap. Free shipping kicks in at $50 AFTER the code is applied, and the sale is running through 10/1/13.


Super Skinny Velvet Pants – $17.49 ($75)

Super Skinny Velvet Pants

These pants come in the Candy Apple Red shown above, Fresh Spruce, or Roasted Corn. As the names suggest, these are all fall appropriate colors. They look pretty unstructured up top, so are likely not going to hide any pooch action, but I bet they sure are comfy. Perfect to pair with a long sleeve button up, cardigan, and tall boots.


Wool Coat in Classic Camel – $48.99 ($200)

Wool Coat

That’s a very nicely discounted price, ┬ábut it sounds like there are some sizing issues with the coat. Be sure to size down if you want to give it a go.


Paisley Holiday Party Dress – $48.99 ($160)

Paisley Holiday Party Dress

For you girls that love warm colors, this is a beautiful dress, at a really great price! 100% silk and has a removable slip. Once of those pieces that it’s just really nice to have on hand in your closet.


Sparkle Pant – $19.59 ($80)

Sparkle pants

I don’t know why these pants aren’t selling like hotcakes, because they are such a great pant for winter. Yes, I own a pair. At 30% wool they’re nice an warm, but fully lined to keep your skin happy. They sit below the waist, and the cut if very comfortable. They’re tapered and can easily be tucked into boots. And the “sparkly” is just gold thread weaved in throughout the pant, so it’s not overkill. I’m telling you ladies, these are good ones.


Shrunken Striped Pullover – $38.49 ($74)

Shrunken Striped Pullover

Comprised of mercerized cotton, this sweater will have some natural shine going for it. The stripe trend is still going strong (will it ever not be?), and this cut close sweater is a cute way to sport them.


Silk Tie Front Dress – $41.99 ($128)

Silk Tie Front Dress

This might be a little too light for cool weather, but with enough layering anything is possible! And you’ll be happy you have this little number when spring rolls around. Digging those boots? You’re in luck, they’re on sale too!


True Slim Chinos – $41.30 ($59)

True Slim Chinos

I think part of what makes these chinos so appealing is the styling around them. I’m sure they’re a good, basic chino with a modern cut though. And the price isn’t half bad if they’re the usual good quality Lands’ End provides.


Tweedy Cropped Jacket – $103.60 ($148)

Tweedy Cropped Jacket

Pricey, even on sale, but this looks like a jacket that could have staying power. And it looks great paired with those skinny velvet pants! It should be pretty warm at 36% wool. Fully lined.


Fit 1 Corduroy Ankle Pants – $30.80 ($49)

Fit 1 Corduroy Ankle Pants

Did I say I was just sticking with Canvas? K, I lied. But these modern cut cords on the Lands’ End side needed to be included. Great shape, lots of colors, and a price that’s hard to beat.

The Lands’ End 30% off Friends & Family sale runs through 10/1/13.

2 Responses to “Friends & Family Sale at Land’s End Canvas”
  1. Allison says:

    This is such an exciting deal! My family has always adored Land’s End, but I didn’t know they had a modern side venture. This will make finding good quality, basic, stylish pieces so much easier. (Especially with the discount!)