LORAC PRO Palette Eye Makeup Look Part 2

I’ve been writing about the LORAC PRO Palette that recently came out. Today I have a second look eye makeup look for you to try out at home. It’s a darker, heavier look–best for evenings out.



For this look I used nude, a very light shimmer in skin tone; pewter, a silver shimmer with just a hint of brown; and deep purple, a very dark purple shimmer.



Here’s the look with my eyes closed. The photo’s a little dark, I know, but you can see how I layered the shadow. First I applied Pewter only to the eyelid. Then in the crease, I used a small amount of Deep Purple. This shade is really quite dark, almost black. I drew a line with my brush from the outside of the crease to the inside of the crease, so there was less shadow as I worked my way in. Then I blended up onto the brow bone. In some places I got a little too much shadow. No problem, I just wiped off my brush on a tissue, then rubbed it into the dark areas to take some of the shadow off. Then I applied Nude to the brow bone, the inside of the eye, and under my lower lashes.



And here’s a nice bright photo, in natural evening light, of the look. I finished it with e.l.f. Studio Eyeliner (from this post) in black and Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. Anyone else looking forward to wearing darker eye makeup as winter approaches?

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