Getting the Last Bit of Product Out of the Tube

When I was a kid, ┬ámy dad used to say, “There’s always more toothpaste in the tube.” Apparently that struck a chord with me, because I’m now a fanatic about getting every last bit of cream, paste, and gel out of my products. Some of the beauty products I buy are very high quality (read: expensive). I want to get as much out every tube and bottle as I can. Recently, I started cutting open empties to get the very last bit of product. I know, it sounds a little extreme (though I’m not the only one), but it’s worth it.


This is a seemingly empty tube of my favorite facial moisturizer–Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I’ve already taken the cap off and gotten some extra that way. But there’s still more…


So, using a pair of scissors, I clip the top off, opposite end of the cap.


Then I slice open the side.


And there it is, along the sides, but especially at the end of the tube–lots o’ product. I estimate that I will get another week’s worth of use from this particular tube.


And when I’m done, I use binder clips to seal it back up for the next use, so that it doesn’t dry out.

This is pretty small tube of product. Imagine what you could get from much bigger bottle (check out this article on how much gets left behind in different kinds of products). Of course, this was easy to do because the plastic is thin and soft, and not likely to cut skin. If you’re working from a heavy duty bottle, be very careful that you don’t accidentally cut yourself while wrestling to get it open.

Anyone else have tips for making beauty products last?

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