1 Scarf 4 Ways

It’s getting cool in my neck of the woods, which means I’m pulling out sweaters, boots, and scarves. A great way to spice up an otherwise dull ensemble is to simply add a scarf. I find that scarves are also good when you’re self-conscious about a plumper tummy, a bit of extra waddle under the chin, or just general weight gain (a topic I’ll soon tackle on it’s own in a separate post). Scarves flatter absolutely everyone. So here’s 1 scarf 4 ways.



Here’s the scarf I’m using. It’s quite large, 64″ x 32″, a long rectangle. And isn’t the print amazing? It’s two-sided, each side with a different print, plus this incredible stitching (you can see the yellow stitches on the blue fabric)  in a complementary color. This particular scarf is out of stock, but the brand carries a TON of scarves, available on sale on Fab.com, all of them are amazing.


Simple Tie


Basic and easy. Take your scarf and fold in half the long way so that the two ends are touching. Hold on to the ends in your left hand, and the folded part of the scarf in your right hand. Put the scarf behind your neck and bring both the ends and the folded part to the front of your neck. Put the end through the loop made by the folded end, and pull through so that your scarf is tighter around your neck. Voila.




Another super easy fix. Drape the scarf the long way, around your shoulders. Using a brooch or pin (you can find beautiful brooches by the bucketful for cheap at vintage stores), secure the scarf off to the side, near your shoulder. This might take a couple tries to find the right placement. Done.


Wrappy Knot


For this look, I put the scarf in front of my neck, pulled the ends over my shoulders, crossed them, and brought the ends back in front. Then I tied two knots at the bottom of the scarf, and tucked the scraggly ends into the knots. Easy-peasy. You can also experiment with how fluffy you want the scarf to look around your neck. Twist the scarf a bit before starting to cut down on how thick it appears at your neck.


Knot Row


For the last tie I sought inspiration from Scarves.Net. This is a GREAT resource for scarf-tying fiends. Not only do they sell scarves but they have a Master List dedicated to different ways to tie scarves. I picked one that I’d never seen before to share here, but there are at least 50 versions on this list. This one is really easy too. Put your scarf around your neck with the ends in front. Tie a series of knots down the front of the scarf until you run out of room. I love the long line this one creates. Very streamlined and slimming.

And there you have it! Happy tying, looping, and knotting.

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