The Bouffant Bun

I’ve been perusing The Freckled Fox’s hair tutorial section for some time now. It’s pretty intimidating. She has hair down to her butt, and it’s completely gorgeous–thick, wavy, great red color. She also has a serious talent for hairstylin’. But I finally decided to try out one of her styles–The Bouffant Bun. She give step-by-step instructions with small photos (sometimes too small!) to accompany. Here’s the look:



I followed the instructions, which were quite good…except for the very first step. Basically you put the majority of your hair in a messy bun, and she tries to describe how to make a messy bun and I couldn’t follow her method. But I have my own system for making a messy bun which works fine. (And honestly? I don’t think I could describe in words how I do it, so I’m not surprised I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about.) But everything else was very clear, and surprise, surprise, it actually worked. Hair tutorials on the Interwebs are notoriously badly written, but this was great. The basic idea is you leave the front part of your hair out, put the rest of your hair in a messy bun, divide the front part of your hair into four pieces, each of which you sort of sweep around the bun and pin, to add interest and give volume to the look. Here is my attempt:


It’s harder to see the detail in my hair (maybe because it’s so much darker than her?) but you get the idea. Some volume up top and on the sides, but it doesn’t look too perfect. You can wear this out running errands and feel really put together but not like you’re going to the prom. Also, this look is quite secure. I have a lot of heavy hair and dividing it up between a ponytail holder and bobby pins is a really effective way to make sure it stays put. When tackling this look use dirty hair. Mine was one day old when I tried this ‘do, and I think two days old would have been even better. You need some texture so that your hair adheres to the shape.

Who’s got a hair tutorial they want me to tackle? Let me know in the comments!

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