Spring Colors: Coral Accessories

THE spring color this season is coral–a pinky, orangey shade reminiscent of Caribbean vacations, mangoes, soft bubblegum, puppy tongues, and papayas.  How’s that for fashion pornography?  Find our picks below for reasonably-priced coral-toned jewelry…


Gold Plated Coral Glass – $24

Pretty little pieces of glass.

Doesn’t this necklace look like pieces of hard candy strung on wire?  We recommend not eating it, but wearing it instead.  Wear with an open neckline, or against a black blouse.


Bangle Bracelet – $9.99 and Striped Enamel Hinge Bracelet – $25

Cute Coral Bangles.

The bangle on the left is like iron for those suffering from color-anemia in their wardrobes.  Alternating shades of pink, red, and orange add variety to this on-trend bangle.  The bangle on the right has a more mature, formal look with its gold detail and slim width.


Gold Tone Bead Hoop Earrings – $10.40

Hoop dreams.

Not sure if you love this trend?  Try these really simple earrings–strings of beads fashioned around hoops.  Under $11, it’s not a big risk or investment.


Aqua Coral Crystal Button Studs – $20 and Retro Rosie Earrings – $9.99


For just a touch of coral, try a pair of studs.  The pair on the left are simple rosettes, perfect for daytime wear.  The pair on the right have a little more texture with their uneven surface and shape.  Great for evening or daytime wear.


Ruby Frame Pouch – $45 and Mercer Flap Clutch – $45

Clutch this coral.

The top clutch has a vintage feel with the ball-clasp closure, plus a cute ladybug outline in hardware.  Haul to an evening event like dinner out or a dressy work party.  The bottom clutch is simpler–use as a wallet, or for going to a concert.


Double Bow Keeper Leather Belt – $15

$15 for real leather? Boom.

Bow detailing is hit or miss.  When it’s a miss, you end up looking like an overgrown child.   When it’s a hit, it’s subtle and darling.  Such is the case for this belt.  Pair with a wrap dress and cinch around the waist.


Lulu Sheer Fringed Scarf – $18

Light, frothy, delicious. Yes, we're still talking about a scarf.

Our final pick is a beautiful, sheer scarf.  Mainly decorative, but it could add some warmth around the neck during mild temperatures.  Wear with black, brown, or any other neutral.

Are you digging this season’s must-have color?

2 Responses to “Spring Colors: Coral Accessories”
  1. Ashley Radcliffe says:

    I LOVE coral, and Im lucky enough to have a skin tone that it complements. I can’t get enough of it, and I’m glad to see it’s “in” this season.