FC Review: Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara


Remember when I dedicated a whole post to whining about how regular mascara of any kind applies better and looks better, but inevitably causes dark smudges under my eyes, while waterproof mascara for the most part stays put but it’s hell to apply and even wore to remove? I’m about to eat my words.


Pre-mascara lashes

A couple months ago I cashed in my Sephora points to get an impressive sampling of Tarte products. One of the items in the group was Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara – $19. The first time I wore this mascara, I kept checking in to see how badly the shadows were under my eyes…nothing there. When I washed my face that night, I was too lazy to use eye makeup remover so I just cleaned my face with soap and water like normal, and the mascara came right off without any problem. Each time I’ve worn this mascara, I’ve not had any problems with smudging, and it’s clearly not a waterproof mascara. Color me surprised.


With Tarte mascara applied

As far as application and look, it’s great. Easy to apply, makes lashes long and full with zero clumping. It works well by itself or with a fully made-up eye. Definitely worth a try if you struggle with smudgy eyes and hate waterproof mascara as much as I do!

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