Fab Clearance Outlet–Jewelry Picks

Fab has been having more and more of these seasonal outlet sales, and to that we say: wheee! Bonus: free 3-day delivery on orders of more than $49. Here are some of our favorite jewelry picks:


Kimono Cuff Cherry Blossom – $36 ($60)


There are a lot of cherry blossom-design items out there but this one is a little different take. Neutral colors on fabric, wrapped around a metal cuff. This would look so slick with an all-black ensemble.


Teagan Necklace – $59 ($98)


This chunky statement necklace in earth tones is an easy way to spice up an outfit. It would look great over a little black dress or with an Oxford shirt.


Cumulus Earrings Vermeil – $95 ($160)


If you prefer more delicate jewelry, these light 18k gold earrings are great for everyday wear.


Asymmetric Stackable Rings – $66 ($110)


Aren’t these rings kind of rockstar? This product comes with four rings, plated in gold, rose gold and rhodium with cubic zirconia sparkle. Arrange in a variety of ways on your finger.


Storm Pendant – $55 ($80)


This beautiful pendant is made from “rutilated quartz stone with milky white and black needle-like inclusions.” It does sort of look like the Wizard of Oz scene when Dorothy and the house are flying through the air during the tornado, right?


PB&J BFF Necklaces – $18 ($30)


Yes, this is kind of silly but I had to include it. Fab has the most whimsical products. This listing is for a set of two necklaces, one a piece of bread with peanut butter, the other a piece of bread with jelly. You’re supposed to wear one and give the other to a friend but I like the idea of wearing them together. This designer does other fun combos like mac and cheese, salt and pepper.

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