Eyelash Curlers – Does more expensive mean a better curl?

I’ve owned a Revlon eyelash curler for several years.  I purchased it from a local Rite Aid store, I’m sure for six bucks or less.  I remember in my childhood seeing my best friend’s sister use one (probably a Revlon curler as well), and thinking not in a million years am I going to let that weird looking thing near my eyeballs.  Oh how times have changed.  I’m addicted.  I use mine every morning before applying mascara, or even without mascara, and I’ll sometimes use it for a late afternoon touch up to lift my drooping lashes back towards the sky.  But are all eyelash curlers created equal?  If I spend, say $20 on an eyelash curler, as opposed to $6, will I get a better curl?  Well, let me tell you all about it…

I decided to put my old curler up against a relatively new kid on the block.  Here are the contenders:

Revlon Eyelash Curler – $3.21 (Amazon) ………………………… Tweezerman ProCurl Curler – $20.00 (Sephora)

Now I want a clean fight...

So the first thing I noticed about the Tweezerman, beside it’s “trendy rose gold color”, was the fact that it is smaller than the Revlon curler.  The finger loops are also a bit smaller, so larger fingers might not have the easiest time coming out.  When I squeezed the curler to feel the action, it definitely felt more squishy than the Revlon.  Taking a peek at the pad I realized that it was quite a bit thicker than the Revlon pad.  So, what does a thicker pad mean?

Spoon me.

Well, it curls differently.   The Revlon curler, due to the smaller pad, has a narrower “pinch” and bends your lashes up pretty dramatically.  The Tweezerman creates a softer, more natural looking swoop in the lashes.  At first I wasn’t sure I liked that, seeing as my Revlon curler would take my lashes from 0 to 60 in a few seconds.  The curl the Tweezerman gave my lashes seemed, well, boring.  But after using the Tweezerman a few times I began to appreciate the subtlety with which my lashes were curled.  Maybe the fact that my lashes didn’t look like they took flight and ran headfirst into a window wasn’t a bad thing?

Bonus! 2 products, one low price.

I still like the dramatic effect of the Revlon.  It definitely has it’s place in my beauty regimen.  And now, since I bought it, the Tweezerman does as well.  But, if I could have used the Tweezerman without spending the money, just to test it out, I don’t think I would have purchased it for $20.  It’s a great curler.  It does what it says it will, comes with three extra pads (the Revlon comes with one), is better looking aesthetically, but’s it pretty expensive when you can get something that is going to provide pretty similar results for under $10.  Heck, you can even get the Tarte Picture Perfect Duo from Sephora, which includes a curler and a tube of natural mascara, for $15.

If you’re a beauty tool junkie and are curious, get the Tweezerman.  You’ll notice a difference in the action of the tool when you use it.  Will the rest of the world notice you’re using a new eyelash curler?  No.  My recommendation for the non-junkies?  Go with the less expensive curler and with your savings by yourself something pretty.


Now you weigh in.  Do you have a curler you love?  Do you prefer the heated variety?  Leave all your comments, and suggestions, below…

One Response to “Eyelash Curlers – Does more expensive mean a better curl?”
  1. Calban says:

    I’ve never bought one that’s heated, but I’ve done the cheater version. I used a blow dryer to heat up the padded side. It actually does seem to help keep the curl longer. Just a caution though: It can make the metal parts around it very hot so be careful not to burn your eyelid.