FC Review: Tarte Smooth Operator Concealer

It’s always interesting to me that most beauty companies don’t have consistency with their products. Some products they excel at making, some products are a disaster, and some fall squarely in the mediocre range. Although Tarte makes some kick ass cosmetics, they also make some that are not so great…such is the case with the Tarte Smooth Operator Waterproof Concealer – $22.


The pros to this concealer are:

  • Very creamy, easy to apply formula
  • Decent coverage on blemishes
  • 8 skin tone colors to choose from

The cons are:

  • ZERO staying power for the under-eye area

That’s it. But that’s enough for me, because I mainly use my concealers for the under-eye area. What I noticed is that after about an hour of wear, the concealer starts to collect in little line right under my lower lash line. Very attractive! I probably get three hours, tops, of wear from this product, all the while having to wipe away those gross lines of concealer, until nothing is left except my naturally luminous purple circles.

I do have to give Tarte props for the creative name, though. Nothing like a little Sade, amiright?

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