Umbra Home Decor

Umbra is a home decor company that creates minimalist, modern, affordable pieces for the home.  There’s a kind of quiet brilliance about their products.  And anyone, on any kind of budget, can afford a couple Umbra pieces in their home.


Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf (small) – $9.00

A floating shelf! It's magic!

I actually own four of these floating shelves.  They’re awesome.  A thin panel of metal bolts into the wall, and a thin panel of metal sticks out from the wall (so you have an “L” shape).  The panel sticking out has a hook underneath.  So you slide a book onto it, letting the panel come between the back cover and the last page of the book, the back cover rests on the little hook, which is mainly invisible, and then the book itself acts as the shelf.  Sound complicated?  It’s not.  It’s easy to install, easy to use, and looks so cool.  I recommend the size small.  There’s a large version, but you have to have a book that is really wide length-wise to act as the shelf, and I don’t have many those laying around.


Umbra Photoline Wall-Mount Wire Photo or Card Display – $8.00

Say cheese.

This wall-mount displays five photos on clips across a thin 40-inch cable.  The description specifies for use across a wall, but what if you bolted this line on either side of a window, with the photos draping in between?  It would make such a cute presentation.  Not one for photos?  What about clipping notes, memos, and reminders to the cable instead?


Umbra Fairest Wall Décor Mirrors – $24.99

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

These mirrors double as attractive and simple wall decoration.  Each one has a slightly different silhouette, and are meant to look like hand mirrors.  These would look great in a hallway, or above a landing area between floors.  If you’re remodeling a guest bathroom, consider taking down the big old boring rectangular mirror and putting up these instead.


Umbra Fern Ring Dish Jewelry Holder – $14.99

Leaf your rings in this dish.

Simple design at its best. This bronze colored dish is marketed as a jewelry holder, but you could put anything in it – keys, loose change, paperclips.  You could even stick a votive candle in it and use it as a modern-looking candleholder.


Have you ever tried Umbra’s products?

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