Going Outfits: St. Patrick’s Day

Heading out on the town for St. Patrick’s Day?  We’ve put together an outfit that will serve you well as you navigate the beer lines and sloshed fellow patrons.  We encourage you to drink–and dress–responsibly.

Old Navy Women’s Dolman Sleeve Shirts – $18.99

Light 'n breezy...for when the beer sweats set in.

The bars are guaranteed to be crowded and overheated.  This 100% rayon shirt will keep you cool.  Shown above in a lovely emerald green shade (though other colors are available).  At under $20, no need to freak out when that drunk guy spills his drink all over you.

Banana Republic Oasis Bracelet
– $39.50

Vintage-inspired beauty.

Seriously.  Seriously.  How beautiful is this gem?  If you’re a fan of vintage jewels, now is the time to keep an eye out for them in stores.  It’s the 1940s out there: art deco, bakelite plastic, rhinestones, crystals, and lots of tiny detail.  This is a great price for 1) a BR piece of jewelry 2) a beautiful bracelet that you’ll be able to wear for a long time.  Green tones are right on for celebrating the Irish in you.


1969 Perfect Boot Jeans – $69.95

Dark wash and flattering cut.

These are great jeans.  Dark wash, nice boot leg to flatter any figure, double top buttons and an extra wide, sharp-looking band around the waist.  They’d look great with the jewel-toned top above.  Plus, you know that drunk guy spilling his beer on you?  The damp spots won’t show on such a dark color.


Calvin Klein Jeans Calisa Round Toe Flats
– $59.00

Flat and sassy.

To round it all off, we have moss-green flats.  Making the rounds of the Irish pubs, you’ll be on your feet for most of the evening.  These flats will prevent your dogs from barking.  The zig-zag stitched bows with a bit of hardware add interest to an otherwise simple shoe.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


 *Featured image courtesy of Adam Selwood.

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