Shady Lady Eyes

It’s April!  Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you are, and you’ve been able to wear your shades.  Oh what’s that?   You’re like me and break every pair by the end of September, necessitating a sunglasses shopping spree come spring? Game on.  Below, my picks for this spring’s sweetest shades, organized by lens shape/style.



From left: Daisy Fuentes Sculpted Rectangle – $15.99; Armani Exchange Rectangle Rimless – $65; Nine West – $38.

These long, lean frames are the ultimate in subtle sophistication.   The Daisy Fuentes on the far left are the bargain pick.  Nothing special, but a classic silhouette that will match everything in your wardrobe.  On the far right the Nine West have some texture on the temples but are still pretty simple.  The middle pick, Armani Exchange, are a bit of a splurge (depending on how much you typically spend on sunglasses), but are really something special.  Shown is the “gold” version (I also loved the “light gold”) which features rimless bottoms and a gradual fade in the lens from top to bottom.  A beautiful and high-quality pair of sunglasses.



From left: Guess Leopard Detail Aviators – $68; Classic Aviators – $24.90; Silver Metal Aviator – $20

Truthfully…aviators aren’t my favorite.  They seem sort of insubstantial and flimsy, and my aesthetic favors a harder edge.  But, I did find a couple pairs I thought give aviators a good name.  The Guess pair at left is pretty simple head on, but has some fun leopard print on the temples.  Sort of the sunglasses version of the mullet–business in the front, party on the side (no pick-up truck required).  The middle pair is from The Limited and its billed as the smaller, more feminine version of the aviator.  The lenses are more tapered and shapely than a typical aviator, plus it has a pretty gold tone.  Finally, on far right, we have a very basic aviator, no frills, no departures from the classic silhouette for all you purists out there.



From left: Gato Sunglasses – $40; Overlay Cats Eye – $32; Polka-Dot Cat-Eye – $17.01

Rawr.  That was my impression of a wild cat.  Cat-eyes are campy and whimsical, no doubt about it.  You don’t want to wear them to your grandma’s outdoor burial.  But, I love cat-eyes at the beach or lake, or on a boat.  The cat-eyes want to stand out on their own, so if you’re only wearing a bathing suit with them, they’ll have just that opportunity.  Plus, I have this image of Elizabeth Taylor at the beach in a one-piece suit, cinched in the middle, and fabulous cat-eye shades.  At far left the Gato shades by American Apparel are perhaps the most formal of the bunch (and I love the rimless bottoms).  Next a cat-eye with a larger, rounder frame.  And finally, the fun polka-dot version at far right.



From left: Rhinestone Temple Round – $29.90; Mango Round – $24.99; Marc New York Round – $60

Finally, the round frames.  Another classic silhouette, and reminiscent of the 60s and 70s–think Jackie O.  The pair at far left is from Express and features pave rhinestones at the temple, which looks so great against the clean canvas of the all-black shades.  In the middle we have a very round shape in a whitish/pinkish frame.  And finally, a beautiful pair of black round sunglasses with gold at the inside of the temple.


Wanna make a case for aviators?  Or argue that you *could* wear cat-eyes to Grandma’s funeral?  Tell us about it below.

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