Guilty Pleasures: Salt & Chocolate

Why are chocolate-covered pretzels so good?  Why are salted caramels suddenly a fad food?  Because sugar and salt together taste, um, AMAZING.  The reason we put salt on anything is that it brings out the flavor of food.  So adding salt to something sweet intensifies the sweetness while also adding the contrasting flavor of saltiness.  Sort of like wearing colors across the color wheel from each other together.  Pairing orange with navy makes both colors pop.  Plus, chocolate is a complex flavor, so salt brings out not just the sweetness, but also the nuttiness, smokiness, and bitterness.  My favorite salt/chocolate combination is B.T. McElrath’s Salty Dog Bar, which pairs dark chocolate, toffee, and salt crystals.  Runner up is the Prairie Dog Bar by the same company, which pairs milk chocolate, toffee, slivers of almond, and salt crystals.


Hungry yet?  Since you probably don’t have a salty piece of chocolate at hand, I’m posting another delicious, chocolate-themed indulgence below.  Johnny Depp.  Ponytail.   Playing a gypsy in Chocolat.  D-A-M-N.


  Johnny’ll get the squeak out of your door.


*Featured image courtesy of Todd Dailey.

One Response to “Guilty Pleasures: Salt & Chocolate”
  1. Ashley Radcliffe says:

    My favorite Starbucks drink ATM is a salty caramel white mocha :)