Patterned Bangles

It’s just another Manic Monday.  The best way to get through it?  How about these stripey, polka-dotty, animal printy bangles?  Slip one on to add a lot of personality to your look with minimal effort.   Make them the main accessory in your outfit so that your ensemble isn’t fighting itself for attention.

Striped Bangle Bracelet
– $15.99

You likey stripey?

This silver-tone bangle has stripes of coral, taupe, and rhinestones.   It has a hinge closure for easy wear–no struggling to get it over your knuckles.  Love how the stripes undulate like an Eternal Flame.


Polka Dot Bangle – $22

Do the polka dot.

Polka dots are BIG right now.  Actually they’re small, we’re seeing a lot of Swiss dot prints, so this bangle with huge dots is a different and whimsical take on the trend.


Animal Print Mixed Bangle Set – $34

Animal print. Roar.

A bit pricier than the first two, but these bangles come in a set of three, so it’s actually the best deal.  One bangle is studded with rhinestones, one is a snake skin print, and the third seems to be giraffe print.  Wearing these exotic bangles will transport you to Africa and the Middle East; you may even  Walk Like An Egyptian without noticing.


Polka Dot Bangle Set – $6.80

Less than $7? Fine, twist my arm.

Love the light blue color of this set–almost a Hazy Shade Of Winter.  These would stand out really well against an all-black ensemble.  Plus, so cheap for two matching bangles.  Boom.

Zig Zag Bangle Bracelet
– $22

It will zig to your zag.

Does this look like a Missoni print or what?  This bangle features a beautiful multi-colored zigzag pattern running horizontally the length of the bangle.  Pair with any colored ensemlbe.  You’ll be proud to wear it Walking Down Your Street.


Aqua Criss Cross Turquoise Enamel Bracelet – $25

Blue, gold n' glossy.

Perhaps the most conservative of the bunch, this slim bangle features a gold tone and multiple hues of blue.  Beautiful and relatively simple.


What do you think?  Are patterned bangles a fun trend?  Or do you prefer the classic one color/tone bangles?

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