FC Lab – Final Review of Sugar Lip Treatment

Fresh Inc. Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment – $25.00 

Sugar on the lips, not on the hips

Alright, it’s been 30 days now that I’ve been using Fresh Inc.’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment on my lips.  Let’s quickly review the claims stated by Fresh Inc. about the product again:

*After using Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy in a use study (independent consumer panel of 30 women, 1 month):

– 100% felt it repaired lips from dryness

– 100% noticed more moisturized, nourished, supple, and softer lips

– 97% reported smoother lips and improved elasticity around the lip area

And what were my results?  I truly did notice a difference in regards to the first two claims.  My lips did (and still do) feel more hydrated.  I especially noticed it at night.  Usually I have to put some balm on my lips before bedtime.  And even thought it’s recommended to use the treatment at night, if I didn’t put any on, my lips weren’t screaming for hydration.

As far as the last claim, I can’t say I noticed a big change in smoother lips and improved elasticity, but I think I’m lucky enough to just not quite need those benefits yet.

All said and done, I really like the product, and do plan to continue using it in the future.  Perhaps I’ll try a tinted version next time.  Do I think it’s worth the price?  I actually do.


A kiss for you, Fresh Inc.


*Information taken from Sephora.com

Featured image photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives

One Response to “FC Lab – Final Review of Sugar Lip Treatment”
  1. Kelly says:

    I’m glad you loved it! I have the Plum, Rose and Honey tinted lip treatments. All are really pretty! And they have SPF, a plus. I’m headed to Sephora today to buy the new Coral color!