The Trend: Fresh and Flirty with Florals

Mod, color blocking, skinny fit, bright, primary colors.  Just a few of the trends hitting us this season.  One of the most feminine trends this spring are floral prints.  And you can find these prints on pretty much anything; shirts, pants (including denim), coats, purses, shoes, you name it.  Floral prints seem to fall in and out of favor in fashion pretty regularly, so anything you buy this season should be back in favor before you know it.  I’d perhaps question floral print pants more than anything.  And if you love it?  Own it!  Make it part of your unique style year round. Here are some great options in floral print:


Darling Illustrated$67.14 ($134.29) & Emily & Finn Vintage$53.72 ($125.34)

A not so true and true blue

Both of these dresses ship from, which always offers free shipping and free returns, no mater the minimum.  Gotta love that. Surely due to the markdowns on both these dresses, extra small and extra large sizes are gone, but middle of the road sizes are still hanging on. The first dress, like its namesake, is darling.  Shirred waist and arm cuffs, which continues on the top half of the full coverage back.  A great little dress that could easily carry over into early fall with some tights, boots, and cardigan.  The Emily & Finn dress is 100% cotton, so will keep you cool and cute all summer long.  The pattern on the dress is pretty loud, keep it simple with some black sandals or flats.

NY&CO Poppy Print Pencil – $46.95 & WHBM Floral Pencil Skirt – $88.00

Pencils and Flowers

Pencil skirts are hanging on strong from the fall, and here are a couple of sassy numbers.  The New York and Co. Poppy print skirt can really be dressed up or down, depending on your mood and time of day.  The White House Black Market skirt definitely makes more of a statement, and should be worn for dressier occasions.


Bar III Scoop Neck Chiffon – $59.00 & Seneca Rising Blake Tank$68.04 ($125.34)

Strike a pose, spread some sunshine

Inject some yellow into your outfit with either of these tops.  The Bar III Chiffon Blouse ships from Macy’s.  A sweet little light top that would be super easy to throw over a camisole and walk out the door in.  100% polyester, which isn’t the best fabric for heat, but cuts down on the ironing.  The tank is offered by ASOS, which again ships and returns for free.  This graphic floral print tank would look really great with some blue denim shorts and wedges.


LOFT Tree Blossom Print Shorts – $44.50 & Oasis Print Playsuit – $98.48

Just shorts, and then shorts with a shirt included

Let me tell you, there are some FUNKY options in the floral print pants category.  I tried to weed a few good ones out, but gave up, so we’re looking at shorts.  Our first pair is from LOFT, and boy are they cute.  Comes in either Beige (shown above) or Navy.  The thing about LOFT is that they are almost always having a sale, so unless you need these now, wait until you can get them at a better deal.  I know, I know, the playsuit is cheating a little.  I’m usually not a big fan, but this one is actually decent.  The cut is very retro and feminine, and paired with some lime green sandals, you could look like one of those hot shot city-slicker models.  Ships from ASOS, so ships for free!


Bandolino Jamara Pump– $59.95

A beautiful kind of funk

The print on these pumps is reminiscent of an impressionist painting.  And like an impressionist painting, it, or they in this case, should be the focal point.  A crazy frame, weird wall paper, other paintings hung too close, would only serve to distract.  Same goes for floral print shoes.  Let them be the star of the show, and keep your clothing subdued.


Joel Dewberry Fabric Reversible Hobo – $48.00

Hmm, which flower do I feel like today?

From shop “retrofied”, this adorable hobo purse can be reversed to whichever fabric you’re in the mood for on a particular day.  This bag is PLENTY big, measuring 14 inches tall, 12 inches wide across at the top, and 16 inches wide at the bottom.  Use as a purse, computer bag, diaper bag, tote, whatever you deem fit.


Go2girl Gemstone Necklace – $20.00

Both healing and soothing stones, ahhhhhh

From shop “go2girl”, which features earthy, organic, bohemian jewelry, this beautiful necklace is made with a large flower pendant carved out of jasper.  The beads featured in the necklace are serpentine and moonstone.  Properties of the stones are said to stabilize, invigorate, soothe, balance, and provide a colorful necklace you can throw on to liven up an outfit anytime.


What are some of your favorite floral pieces this season?  Tell us about them below…


Header image courtesy of Mohamed Malik


2 Responses to “The Trend: Fresh and Flirty with Florals”
  1. Ashley Radcliffe says:

    This trend troubles me – I have some crazy mental block going on where all I can see when I look at these are my grandmother’s tablecloths. I just cannot get over the grandma factor here. Am I the only one? Like the shoes scream grandma-wore-these-to-a-funeral to me. Help!

    • full clutch says:

      Yeah, florals can be tough.  There’s a fine line to cross before something just looks like bad wallpaper.  Going with clean graphic floral prints at least keeps it modern.  BUT, to each their own style.  If you love the floral trend and can wear it well, rock it!