One of my friends is an animal researcher, and she specializes in dog behavior.  She posted a video to my Facebook wall from the website….and I’ve been addicted ever since.   Videos of dogs.  Pictures of dogs.  Stories about dogs.   News about dogs.  Blogs about dogs.  Now, I know some people out there don’t like dogs.  But since those people don’t have souls, we won’t worry about them.  What?  We have to worry about them?  They might be reading this website?  Fine.  How about this?  The following video combines an adorable–and slightly excited–boxer…and a hot guy with ripped arms.  I think we have the odds covered that way–you probably like one of the two categories, so enjoy.


.  Dogs.  Online.  24/7.  LOVE IT.


There’s more LOVE IT to love.  For previous editions, go here.  Featured image credit: cygnus921

One Response to “LOVE IT –”
  1. Lmmeidam says:

    We should all start our day with a dog video.  I can only hope to live up to my dog’s opinion of me.
    Lynn and her two dogs – Raymond and Maosn