Rockin’ Clocks

When you’re first furnishing a bigger place, whether that’s a house or simply a bigger apartment, it can be hard to know how to customize the space.  I recommend keeping walls and tabletops bare until you find pieces that really speak to you.  Don’t rush out to Ikea and buy four cartloads full of cheap decor in one trip just so that the walls don’t get lonely.  Wait until you see something that you love that reflects your aesthetic.  A good way to build home decor is slowly, through small pieces…like clocks.  Clocks no longer simply keep the time.  They are aesthetic, creative, and if you want, they can reflect your personality.  Check out the diverse selection of quirky, fun clocks below and see if any of them turn your (watch) dial.


Self Design Wall Clock Modern Contemporary Abstract – $36.99

Damnit Carl, I told you not to throw away the directions!

This clock comes in pieces, with adhesive on the back of each piece, so that you simply position in a circle and affix to the wall.  The effect is very modern–unobtrusive as the lack of face causes the clock to blend into the wall, but also surprising because, you know, the clock is blending into the wall!


Bai Square Retro Wall Clock – $24

Do a little time travelin' with these retro tickers.

These make me think of Back to the Future.  Shouldn’t Marty McFly be skateboarding past here?  This clock comes in several sorbet-reminiscent shades–turquoise, orange, and chartreuse–as well as classic ivory and black.  These would look great in the kitchen, hanging over the range.  That’s the Power of Love.


Kikkerland Early Bird Wall Clock – $15.73

Tweet, tweet.

Any lovers of classic American literature out there?  With the stark black background, bare tree branch arms, and simply-rendered bird image, I’m reminded of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.  Hang this clock above the front door or a bedroom door and you too can have your very own raven, “never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting / On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door.”


Luminous Key Lime Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock  – $24.18

Tick-tock, tick-tock...that's not the sound of this clock.

They make clocks that don’t make sound!  When did this happen?  This is but one of many clocks I found that boasted only time-keeping, and none of the insomnia-inducing sound.  Despite that modern feature, this clock features the avocado shade common in 1970s-era appliances.  No, we don’t want an avocado-toned fridge, but we’ll take this ironic accent in a heartbeat.


Infinity Instruments Age of Aquarius Glass Wall Clock – $34

Think outside the circle.

To end, we have this cute sort-of-triangle-shaped clock with decorative white flower detailing.  This is definitely a clock that aims to decorate in addition to its main function.   Because it’s romantic and whimsical, this clock would look great in a bedroom.


How did we do on the selection above?  Got some other recommendations?  Leave it all below!


Header image courtesy of robstephaustralia

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