Wear it: Summer Scarves

Summer?  But we’re barely getting into spring!  Well, now is a great time to start picking some brightly colored scarves that you can wear during spring AND also wear in summer.  I know it’s hard to think about wrapping something around your neck when temps reach north of 90 degrees, but with the right material you can use a lightweight scarf to add another dimension to your outfit.  Plus, a scarf can add some extra protection to the nape of your neck, and can drape across your shoulders if you’re getting a little too much sun.  Here are some finds.


GAP Pointed Edge Stripe Scarf – $29.95

Drape loosely or wind tight and knot

Today (April 3rd) only, get 25% off this scarf with code GAPSUN, which drops the price to $22.46.  Just be aware that free shipping only kicks in after you spend $50.  If you miss the code, the original price of $29.95 isn’t bad at all.  This scarf, all colors shown in the above pic, is a cotton/viscose blend, heavier on the cotton.  Lightweight and airy, this is the perfect type of scarf for warmer months.  The colors are fun and vibrant, and there’s enough length on it to tie it several different ways.


Michael Stars Catch A Wave Scarf – $48.00

Nautical themes are on trend

You’ll smell the salty sea air, or at least you can pretend that you do, when you wrap this 100% viscose (rayon) beauty around your neck.  Finished with fun tassels, this scarf is neutral enough in color to pair with many bright solids you might already have.  This item ships from Zappos, which means free shipping and free returns.  Hooray!


Forever 21 Metallic Ikat Scarf – $8.80

Complicated weaving for 9 bucks? Sure...

If you’ve never educated yourself on exactly how ikat (pronounced ee-caught) is created, here’s a good tutorial video.  It amazes me how cheap the fabric is, for how complicated the process looks.  I guess if you’re skilled at it you can make a lot of ikat REALLY fast.  And this ikat scarf from Forever 21 is a prime example of how cheap ikat can go for.  A beautiful viscose and metallic weave, with knotted tassels at the ends.  The scarf is shown in blue/cream, but also comes in a purple/cream option.


Nvie Designs Flower Stitch with Lace Scarf – $19.99

Flowers and lace

This feminine scarf is sold by Nvie Designs, and they offer several more scarves where this came from.  I love the juxtaposition of the sketched flower material with the lace.  And the single line created by the ribbon running the length of the scarf gives it a modern touch.  To me this is reminiscent of steampunk style.  I could see this pairing well with a dress from Anthropologie.  Scarf available in several neutral colors.


Anthropologie Tiki Scarf – $68.00

This darling tiki print 100% cotton scarf is wide enough to provide additional sun protection when needed.  The “tiki” print consists of carvings, coconut trees, and monkeys.  Escape to the islands and add some fun to your wardrobe.  Drinking a fruity, frosty beverage while wearing this is not required, but is definitely recommended.


Mango Palm Tree Print Scarf – $19.99

Palm Trees from Mango

Hmm, more palm trees.  I’m sensing a trend here.  This all cotton scarf comes in several different colors (the only color missing from above is the black and white scarf).  The fabric looks opaque laid out, but when bunched together, like around your neck for instance, the colors become bright and vivid.  Click on the picture to see what I mean.


Emilio Pucci Linen & Cotton Scarf – $330.00 or Missoni Printed Scarf – $520.00

Doesn't your neck deserve some luxury?

Ok, so say you had three to six hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket and you just had to spend it on a scarf; which one would you pick?  Both scarves are from Italian fashion houses, one Emilio Pucci and the other Missoni.  Or, do you head straight to Hermes so you can get your hands on a scarf that, if kept in pristine condition, will sell for more in years to come?


Do you ever wear scarves in warm weather?  Have a favorite listed here?  Tell us about it in the comments…


Header image courtesy of bitmask

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