Final Day: Chic Week at Sephora

The final day of Sephora’s Chic Week is 4/5/12.  Log in (or sign up) as an Insider and use code CHIC at checkout for a 15% discount until then.

It’s Chic Week at Sephora, and today is the final day to utilize the discount.  What does that mean, beside the fact that all the sample products on the shelves will be a little grosser than normal, and perhaps even more tweens will be primping in the aisles, dolling themselves up for the boys at the food court?  Well, it means 15% off for all of us Sephora Insiders!  How do you become a Sephora Insider?  Just sign up online and then use code CHIC at checkout for the discount.   I’m assuming you can also sign up in store and receive the discount, but you actually need a printed coupon for instore.  If you do order online, know that shipping is a flat $5.95 until you hit $50 in your cart, then it’s free.  Returns are free via mail or in-store.  So, what should you use your discount on?  Here are a few suggestions.


Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15$19.12 ($22.50)

Coral and Sugar, both good things

Fresh Inc. released it’s ever popular Sugar Lip Treatment in one of the colors of the season, Coral.  With SPF 15, and emollients that just won’t quit, this is sure to be a hit this spring.  Actually formulated with sugar, a natural humectant, and several seed oils, the moisture that Sugar Lip Treatment provides is long lasting and visible.  Click here for an in person review of the Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy.


Urban Decay Naked2$42.50 ($50.00)

Not the first to be naked

In Sephora’s words, “the most anticipated sequel of the decade”.  Hmm, I’m thinking the second Twilight movie might stake that claim, but I digress.  The Naked2 collection from Urban Decay offers 12 different neutral shades to take you anywhere from morning fresh to dark and smoky.  Included is a travel size lip gloss and double ended shadow and crease brush.  Packaged in an art school inspired tin case.  These go fast, so get it while you can.


Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Mega Moisturizer SPF 15$42.50 ($50.00)

Now if only they made a flawless life cream

One of the top rated facial products on Sephora, this Laura Mercier flawless skin moisturizer is lightweight and absorbs fast.  With a light amount of sun protection contained within it will keep your skin soft and guarded all day.  For a review on some other Laura Mercier products from Beth, click here.


Stila Stay All Day 10-In-1 HD Beauty Balm$33.15 ($39.00)

Beauty Balm

The top rated BB cream on Sephora, this offering from stila is formulated without many of the concerning chemicals in cosmetics today.  BB cream is considered a makeup primer, but many women just use it as a light makeup.  Reduces pore size, and provides oil and blemish control.  New to the world of BB creams?  Check out this post.


Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel$40.80 ($48.00)

Perfektion from Perfekt

This gel provides a natural looking tan without the sun damage a real tan can cause.  I must admit, I’ve never tried this product before, but my curiosity is peaked by all the positive reviews.  One woman claimed she refused other products because they made her fair skin (with spider veins and all) look even worse, but after finding Perfekt she stopped wearing pantyhose and started wearing short skirts.  Sign me up!  Formulated free of several chemicals, and one color covers all skin tones.  Hmm, I think I hear the Full Clutch Laboratory beakers a bubblin’…


Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil$15.30 ($18.00)

That's what Shiseido (sorry)

Why have I not purchased one of these before (I have one on the way)?  Concealer in a pencil so you can target the specific area you want to cover up?  Brilliant!  Available in three shades, but be aware, according to the reviews they tend to run light.  Pick the next darkest color of what you normally would get.  Or, go try it out at your local Sephora before buying.


Sephora + Pantone Color Of The Year Limited Edition Set$57.80 ($68.00)

And the Color Of The Year goes to...

Fulfill any and all of you tangerine makeup dreams with this collection from Sephora and Pantone.  Eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and lipgloss all combine to give you the hue of the season.  Just don’t overdue it, or you may end up looking like one of these guys.


GHD Classic 1″ Styler$157.25 ($185.00)

I'll do much more than straighten your hair

You know how when your stylist is done with your hair, and if feels and looks perfect, and you wish you could make your hair do that at home?  Well, part of the reason your hair looks and feels so good is that your stylist is using professional grade styling tools.  They can be pricey, but boy can they be worth it.  All the reviews on this styler say it is worth the money.


The Art Of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave$85.00 ($100.00)

A little luxury for your guy

Does your guy use a razor to shave his face?  And better yet, do you like his face clean shaven?  Treat him to a kit like this from The Art Of Shaving.  Not only will it provide a more comfortable shave, but it will leave his skin feeling better afterwards.  Also available in Sandalwood.


What products from Sephora do you love?  Tell us about them in the comments…


The final day of Sephora’s Chic Week is 4/5/12.  Log in (or sign up) as an Insider and use code CHIC at checkout for a 15% discount until then.

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