Rose Gold

Rose gold jewelry has been popping up like crazy in look books, style blogs, and stores.   According to our friends over at Wikipedia, rose gold is basically yellow gold with a bit o’ copper added to give it that warm, pink hue.  If you’re eager to add some rose gold to your wardrobe, we have a handful of picks below:


Fossil Rose Gold Rectangular Dial $63 ($105)

Think pink.

Fossil has been leading the charge in showing rose gold in their timepieces.  They do a light, brushed rose gold – it won’t look like it belongs on Barbie’s wrist.  Rose gold stands out, so you don’t want a huge, overbearing watch.  The model shown above is a slim, feminine rectangle shape.   Plus, it’s 40% off at Dillard’s!  If even the style above seems too pink for your taste, consider this model, also a Fossil (though considerably more expensive at $135) which is silver with a rose gold stripe down the middle.


Gold and Rose Gold Bangles – $40

Support independent artists!

These bangles are made and sold by Etsy retailer Olive Yew Jewels.  I actually own the set above of five rose and yellow gold bangles in varying widths and textures.  Love them.  They go with everything.  Plus, they’re great to tie different metals together in an outfit.  For instance, if I wear a rose gold watch and yellow gold earrings, these great-looking bangles bring the two metals together.


Nordstrom Long Circle Link Necklace – $38

Get chained up in rose gold. Kinky AND stylish.

Relatively simple, long chain necklaces have been a standard of style forever.  They’re an easy way to kick life into a basic outfit.  Maybe you already have one in silver or yellow gold – how about trying this rose gold version?  Wear over a black plain blouse when you don’t feel like getting creative with your ensemble – the chain will do it for you.


Rose Flower Studs – $24 and  Gorjana Chloe Shimmer Stud Earrings – $40

Rosy ears.

The studs on the left are Fossil (I told you–these guys are serious about rose gold).  They look like orchid flowers, with a little clear crystal in the middle.  Delicate and tasteful for everyday wear.  The studs on the right are a bit more modern, featuring three large clear gems on each earring.  Day or night for a contemporary look.


BCBGeneration Coachella Tritone/Rose Gold Ring – $35

Pretend it's real. No one will know.

Okay, there’s definitely something campy about cocktail rings…but come on!  This ring by BCBGeneration is so fun.  It combines the femininity of rose gold with the hard edge of, well, whatever that black crystallized stuff is in the middle.  The bottom part of the band is stretchy for comfort and ease of fit.


*Featured photo credit.

Is rose gold a fun trend or way tacky?  What say you? 

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