Hair Trends 2012: The Good, The Bad, and the Greasy

Every year during the bi-annual Fashion Week we learn what the upcoming trends will be for the following fashion season.  Last fall was the launching pad for the IT everything happening this spring.  Bright, primary and pastel colors, slim fitting pants, throw backs to retro classics, dark, smokey eyes and pale lips.  And that week also brought us the trends in hair for this year.  Some are good, some are not so good.  Let’s take a look at the styles sweeping the fashion world right now.


Mussed Up And Wavy

Up or down, just make it messy

One of the trends for this season is just to make your hair a big ol’ mess.  Also being referred to as “gym hair“.  If you can get some big soft waves going at the same time, you’re capturing two trends at once.  And this one is pretty darn easy to do.  This morning, for the fun of it, I thought I’d try to give my hair a messy look.  Not too much, just a bit of bed head.  I blew my hair out, then just spritzed it with some hairspray and crunched it between my hands.  Just enough to bring a little wave on.   Then I just shook it up with my hands and sprayed again.  Did I mention this was easy?  Photo credits onetwo, and three

 Slicked And Greasy

Wet and slick is all the rage

The prettier term used for this is “glistening”, and the slicked back part I get.  From the instrument playing beauties in more than one Robert Palmer video, to Madonna during her pointy bra hey-day, slicked back styling has been around for quite a while now.  In those instances, the Robert Palmer girls had short hair, and Madonna always wore her slicked back hair in a ponytail.  But the look right now is to have dry, or stranger, wet looking greasy locks falling down from your slicked back mane.  Photo credit


Wrapped Up Or Retro

Both retro in their own way

Alright, that photo on the right might be harkening too far back, but finger waves ARE in.  And the retro refers to anything from the 30’s on up through the 80’s.  Retro styles can be a little more time consuming than, say, shaking your hands through your hair, spraying, and being done with it.  I love retro styles though, and think they’re worth the little extra time.  Wraps, on the other hand, you just wrap around your hair and go!  Wear it bandanna style, turban style, like a pirate, whatever floats your boat.  The wrap shown above sells from Nordstrom.  Photo credit


Sophisticated Braids & Twists

Not your average braid

Beautifully braided up-dos are another trend this year.  Unless you’re really talented at this, it might take you a while to get a style done.  Or you might need to enlist the help of someone that knows what they are doing.  Twists are easier, and can be done quickly.  Here’s a memorizing braid video I came across.  The style is created on a young girl, but I can see this on a high fashion model.  Photo credit




That is one wild, uh, two wild parts!

One last “trend” that I’ll mention is hair parted in the middle and on the side.  Uh, isn’t that kind of what just happens to hair?  Well, straight hair.  Curly hair can be a different story.  One thing I can say about the parts trend; clean parts are in, messy parts, out.  Photo credit (explanation of double part with photo)


So, are you following any of these trends?  Are you doing some of these styles and didn’t realize they were a trend this year?  Tell us about it in the comments…


Header Image courtesy of didbygraham

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