Guilty Pleasures: T.V. through Netflix

I have a confession to make.  It’s actually not that bad, and pretty normal.  Let’s start at the beginning.  I got in line pretty late for the “How I Met Your Mother” train.  The show started in 2005, and I just started watching it, oh, four months ago now.  I’m addicted.  And I’ve never even actually seen an episode on CBS.  Antiques Roadshow owns the 70-something heart living in my 30-something body, and it airs on Mondays at the same time How I Met Your Mother does.  Much love to you, Keno Brothers.  But I’m able to obtain my sitcom smack from a very reliable source; Netflix.  And some nights I JUST CAN’T STOP.  Episode ends, credits roll, and Netflix conveniently asks if you would like to watch the next episode.  With just the click of the mouse I can get one more hit.

I know I’m not the only one.  In fact, I feel safe saying that I am just one in a mass army of Netflix addicts.  I’ve been out with friends before and overheard conversations about what they’re currently watching on Netflix, what season they’re on, how many seasons of the show were produced and what the latest season is that Netflix has available.  That is something I fear.  What happens when I get to the final season Netflix has available of How I Met Your Mother?  How long will I have to wait to get my fix again?  Fortunately, I have another current Netflix addiction that I share with my spouse; Mad Men.  But my guy retires for the evening much earlier than I do, and I can’t watch episodes without him.  Curses!

There are so many shows to choose from on Netflix, it’s a little overwhelming.  Fortunately, I know some fellow junkies that can direct me to the good stuff.  What have they been, or are they watching?  Big Love, The Tudors, Gossip GirlDexterDownton AbbyGame Of Thrones, to name just a few.  See, I’m not alone!

So you just go ahead and have your nice evening out with friends.  I’ll be in my p.j.’s,  with a warm computer on my lap, watching my single friend Ted search New York over for the woman meant to be the mother of his children.  Unless it’s Monday at 7pm, then you know where I’ll be.  Damn.



What shows are you watching on Netflix, Hulu, or wherever you get your fix from?  Tell me in the comments.  I NEED TO KNOW!

One Response to “Guilty Pleasures: T.V. through Netflix”
  1. maria says:

    Dawson’s Creek…I was in total agreement w/the ending.