Pearl Picks: Add a little iridescence

Pearls never go out of style.  They are always classic and beautiful.  They’re also a better investment–faux or real–than other gems.  Gemstone types, cuts, and settings go in and out of style.  For instance, in the late eighties and early nineties, marquis-cut diamonds set in yellow gold were a hot commodity. Yeah, sounds pretty gruesome in 2012.   But a strand of pearls?  Always in style.  Pearl studs? Always fashionable.  See our picks for pearl (real or fake) jewelry below:

Genuine Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace
– $98

Banana Republic offers this real freshwater pearl choker for $98.  That is a bargain, my friends.  True, it’s probably not the highest quality pearls you can buy, but it’s still a good deal.  Plus, pearls soak in oils from your skin as you wear them, and become more luminous over time.  Fun fact!


Beaded Drop Pendant Necklace – $44

For those of you who might feel too much like your Great Aunt Esther in a strand of pearls, how about this updated version of the pearl necklace?  It features rows of gold-tone metal, crystal beads, and faux pearl beads.  It’s a substantially-sized pendant, on a long chain that hits mid-torso, so you’d want to wear as a statement piece, on a solid colored top.


Triple Row Faux Pearl Bracelet$33.99 ($85)

Hello gorgeous!  Is this bracelet a beauty or what?  Alternating rows of gold and espresso-toned faux pearl beads, flanked by vertical columns of crystal beads.  Plus, it’s by Givenchy.  Plus, it’s about 60% off.


Carolee Cuff Coil Bracelet$22.80 ($38)


If the previous bracelet was too flashy for your taste, or you’re looking for more of an everyday pearl bracelet, check out the simple one above.  Coil bracelets refer to bracelets structured almost like a slinky, so that it looks like you’re wearing multiple bracelets at once, but it’s really just a single strand that wraps around the wrist several times.  On sale!


Sterling Silver White Shell Pearl Earrings – $19

The earrings above are faux, but they’re made from shells.  Amazon makes a pretty good sell on this type of simulated pearl:

“Shell Pearls are man-made simulated pearls created from the shell on an oyster. Each pearl is made through several different stages, taking the raw material from a seashell and coating and polishing it to create the final shape of the pearl. An important addition to the Shell Pearl is a “mother-of-pearl” bead that sits in the center. This adds weight and durability to each pearl bead…shell pearls showcase a similar luster, weight and feel found in excellent quality genuine pearls. Shell Pearls create the classic look of lustrous pearl accessories, at a fraction of the price.”


Jet/Faux-Pearl Bauble Earring – $24

These dangly, grape cluster-style earrings feature black, silver-tone, and faux pearl beads.  A modern twist on the traditional pearl earring.  Plus, the black/silver/white color scheme means these will go with just about any outfit.


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