Will you wear the Monokini?

Monokinis in featured image: Chevron Halter from Arden B, Chain Halter & Leopard Print from Charlotte Russ

This is an interesting trend that has been around for awhile but is surprisingly ramping up this year: the Monokini (also known as the trikini).  It’s a one piece!  Wait, it’s a two piece!  No, it’s a MONOKINI!  So, take a two piece swimsuit, attach the top and bottom pieces with some of the same fabric, BAM; monokini.  Take a one piece suit, cut huge holes out of the sides, maybe a nice snowflake cut out pattern through the center strip, BAM; monokini.  Supposedly there is an art to choosing the right monokini, as there is with any garment.  I’ve posted a video at the bottom of this post with advice on how to choose a monokini.   But first, let’s take a look at a couple…


Wet Seal Tie Dye  – $21.90 ($29.50) & Ruffle Front – $29.50

Two options from Wet Seal

Right now bathing suits are buy one get one 50% off at Wet Seal, so now is the time to stock up ladies!  These two monokinis from Wet Seat feature halter ties, which tend to work well for bustier girls.  It looks like the Tie Dye options offers a little more coverage up top, but the Ruffle Front is more feminine.  I think though, just by their nature, monokinis can only be considered feminine.  Well, then again, there’s this.  Too much?


Quicksilver Original Blossom Newport – $79.50

Full (er) coverage

Here’s a cute one from Quicksilver.  There’s a good amount of coverage with this monokini, and a lot of ability to adjust with the strap at the neck.  A great print finishes it off.  Pull on some capris or skirt and white button up shirt and move from day to evening at an outdoor bar in this.


Becca One Shoulder Colorblocked – $128.00

Colorblocking for the beach

This is a fun, fashion forward suit.  And you know what I like best about it?  I can’t really picture Pamela Anderson in it.  The one thing that looks funky to me about this suit is where the leg opening cuts off at the hip.  It looks like it could make fleshier hips look a bit bulbous on the non cut out side.  Perhaps it’s the way the model is angled.  Regardless, a fun suit for the summer season.  Price is high, but no doubt it will go on sale soon.  And if it stays above the $99 mark it will ship free from Macy’s.


Target Keyhole Monokini – $24.99

Basic and affordable

Leave it to Target to make a darling, affordable monokini that will flatter a lot of figures.  Halter top with removable padding, so there is support up top.  And the coverage on the suit is good.  The blue suit in the middle has an anchor print, playing off the nautical trend this year.  If your thinking about a monokini for this year, but aren’t willing to make a hefty investment in one, this is the way to go.


Hello Kitty Leopard – $32.00

Hello Kitty.... Getting Wild

Sanrio fan?  You’re in luck!  This monokini, sold by Swim Shop, features A LOT of Hello Kitty, and A LOT of leopard print.  It seems wrong to me that a cartoon character I loved in my childhood is plastered all over this skimpy bathing suit.  Not my cup of tea, but it goes to show what a variety of monokinis are out there!  And as promised, a quick video on choosing a monokini:




So what are your thoughts? Do you have a monokini, or will you wear one this summer? Leave it in the comments below…

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