Picture Frames Picks

Besides a new coat of paint, picture frames have to be one of the easiest ways to decorate and freshen up a room.  Not only can you display good memories and loved ones, but the frame itself can be decorative and beautiful.  A couple picks for fixing up that spare, bare room in no time.


Umbra Trapeze 6-Photo Hanging Frame – $49.99

It flies through the air with the greatest of ease...

This set of six hanging frames is ultra modern, ultra sleek, and ultra simple.  It holds three 4 x 6 and three 3 1/2 x 5 photos on thin wires, pressed between two panes of glass.  I’d love the look of this centered above a fireplace, or a kitchen sink, or some other appliance.  It creates a focal point with minimal fuss.


 Adeco 3-opening Collage Photo Picture Frame – $15.99

Three's company.

This three-in-one frame would be a great way to showcase photos from a single vacation, wedding, or party.  It’s an unusual look, and the aesthetic here comes from the negative space that weaves its way between the photos, allowing the wall to show through.  Could look a little clunky next to other wall hangings, so place it in an area where it can have the space to itself.


Pearhead Signature Frame – $24.65 (left) and $16.57 (right)

Write on me. You'll like it.

Writing on the mat of a photo isn’t a new idea–wedding planners have been doing this forever.  Perhaps you’ve attended a reception where a huge matted photo of the happy couple was on display, and guests were provided markers and encouraged to write notes of congratulations around the edge of the picture?  This frame from Pearhead makes it a bit easier.  In addition to the frame, they thrown in a mat with space cut for a photo and a label of the event (“Our Wedding”), plus a nice pen.  The mat is acid-free paper, so you don’t have to worry about it deteriorating over time.  If you’re throwing a shower (baby or wedding), consider picking up a couple of these cheapos as a fun, memorable gift for the lady of honor.


4 x 6 Rose Frame – $19

These roses will last longer than the garden variety. Pun intended.

How gorgeous is this frame?   Two rows of clusters of roses carved from resin surround your favorite photo.  This would be a great wedding or anniversary gift for a couple you know and love.  The ornate roses give it a classic, romantic look.


Mikasa Assorted Frames – $25.65

Solid glass. Solid style.

The brand Mikasa features cut crystal and glass frames.  These three frames each hold a 2 x 3 photo and are particularly beautiful and unique.  Cluster all three together on a side table for a cohesive, but varied look.  Or, place each frame on a different tabletop and let the individual styles shine.  All three frames together are yours for a mere $25.65!


Kate Spade New York Sullivan Street Frame – $50

Photo corners--a blast from the past.

Kate Spade’s brand of home decor is minimalist and classic.  I love this frame with its scalloped edges, which echoes the old-timey look of a picture secured to a scrapbook with photo corners, those black triangles that cover the four corners of a photograph.  The bright silver tone of this frame looks amazing with a black and white photograph.


What other frames do you dig?  Styles, brands, websites?  Tell us about it!

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