The Trend: Layering wrist wear

Perhaps you’ve noticed magazines and lookbooks featuring layered wrist wear.  By that I mean three or four bracelets, plus a watch (or even two), all on the same arm.  Like so many styles these days, it’s a throwback to the 1980s, when we used to see layered friendship bracelets made of colored threads adorning wrists.  Thankfully, we’ve grown up and graduated to layering bracelets of mixed metal, precious stones, and even pearls.


Basic Bangles

Bangles are meant to be layered and are often priced and sold together.  I featured these rose and yellow gold hammered bangles in a previous post.  They’re beautiful, sturdy, and match almost any ensemble.  If you prefer silver, how about this set of three super slim silver bangles?  Or these more ornate silver and beaded bangles?


Differently sized bangles

Here I’ve paired the five slim bangles with a chunky, jeweled bangle (which admittedly have a few missing stones–don’t judge me).  It allows the wider bangle to stand out among the others, while still giving that heavily-hardwared look to your wrist.  Not sure where I got the big bangle, but here is a similar style in cheery pink and here is another fun option with lots of sparkle and a subtle animal print.


Big watch plus thin bangles

Again, this look features those classic, thin bangles, this time paired with a boyfriend-style watch from Fossil.  The watch is silver with a rose gold tone stripe through the center.  So the look above features three different tones: gold, silver, and rose.  It looks great, though, right?  Not gaudy, not overdone.  The trick is pairing the right pieces together.


Smaller watch plus chunky bracelet

It pains me to admit it…but not everyone loves the boyfriend-style watch.  And it’s surely a trend, and in time women’s watches will swing back towards small and feminine.  Boo.  If you prefer a smaller watch, you can still layer it with bangles.  Here I’ve paired it with the chunkier bangle, but thin bangles would work too.  Note: I’d advise against pairing the chunky bangle with the big watch, because then you’ll have competing focal points.



Pearls–real or faux–are a big trend right now.  Combine pearls with layered wristwear and it’s twice as nice.  I purchased the bracelet above from Etsy retailer Bouvier Jewelry.  It’s a single bracelet with a single clasp, but it features four strands of ivory Swarovski crystal pearls that shimmer like the real deal.  Why buy and layer separate bracelets when one can do the work for you?  Here’s another pearl bracelet option, this one with three strands, all of the same size.


Pearls plus metal cuff

The previous pearl look was classic, a bit formal, a bit conservative.  To downplay the formality of multiple strands of pearls, I paired them with this rose gold cuff, also purchased on Etsy from seller Elleque.  Other options would be this wide, intricate cuff, or this more affordable, gold-plated narrow cuff.


Colored/varied bracelets

Unfortunately for those of you craving color, I don’t have as many colored bracelets, as I prefer metals.  But I did manage to pull out these two stretchy bracelets, one a sparkly, jeweled-style from some cheapo mall store, and the other a chunky turquoise style from God knows where.  The only rule with pairing unlike pieces is to be intentional about it.  See how each bracelet plays off the other and go with your gut.  You may not be able to vocalize why two contrasting bracelets go better together, but as long as you have a feeling about it, you’re good to go.


Layered wristwear–do you live for this trend?  Or do you wish it would die?

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